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T Wreckz (10/10 alliance) recruiting!

I sent you a private message on here so we can discuss further

Top 40 alliance (#1 in our hearts), still have one spot available.

Private message me if interested, thanks!

I’m very interested if you’ll have me. Lvl 17 with 4300+ trophy count(not much but I’m usually active at least once a day)

Sent you a private message

Had a long-time member retire from disappointment of 2.4 sadly so have a spot available again.

Direct message if interested

Not familiar with how to do that on ludia. I’m still interested if you’ll have me. UnreliableTripod #1337

Hey Shrimp,my brother currently start to play JWA he is a low lvl player but he plays on a daily basis and a regular palyer, could it be possible for you to help him in his raids… kindly do reply

Is this ur game name…
His game name is calabrass

One spot open again.

DM if interested

Do you have to have discord?

Sent you a private message