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T Wreckz recruiting again, you lucky people!

We are looking for one player again (yes!), preferably one who loves to play battles (PvP and tourney!). We are T Wreckz and we finished 13th in the previous Alliance Championship. We reach 10/10 weekly and currently have 3 lvl 20 sanctuaries, made with just 8 alliances. In short: we have a lot to offer, and we hope you do too!


Can 100% recommend T Wreckz. My alliance partners with them for sanctuary building and they’re organized, generous, driven, and all-around awesome. Definitely a top-notch group.


Those sanctuaries really come in handy for mammoth dna. Recommend 100%. We do well in the championships


Well, you certainly do :slight_smile: The rest of us just struggle on, lol.


One of ours quit the game, so we have another spot open! Please shoot me a message first :slight_smile:

Yall still open?

Yes! Can you send me a personal message?

Still open? I’m a level 20 with 5150 trophies

Hi! Thanks for your interest. Sorry, the spot was taken already, but I will let you know once we have another spot!

We have a spot for you at BadRexi if you want to join. We are a 10/9 alliance. We are easy going and friendly. But we are very strict on doing 10 takedowns in each tournament. Let me know if you interested

So wish I’d been paying attention!

Our alliance struggles (7) and I would love to be with a more organised group. I’ve tried making suggestions but still nothing improves.

I am a regular player (level 20) complete battles every day (10 in tourneys) and normally get lots of drops, darts and DNA. Quite often the player contributing most in exploration.

Would like to get more integrated with other alliances to at least up our sanctuaries if no room elsewhere.

Please let me know if any space opens up again.

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If you’re still looking, we have a spot open again!

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I highly recommend this alliance. T Wreckz is a great alliance full of active and friendly people. As said we also regularly reach 10/9 every week. Looking to raise that to 10/10. If youre interested, just PM @joice.

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