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Tabasco Road - Looking for new members

Tabasco Road is looking for some new
We’re very active and currently taking down 7 Star Alphas and want to take down higher Alphas! Come join us!


Tabasco Road is still looking for 2 new members. We are friendly and very active, taking down 7* alphas at the moment with 7* alpha chest!

Our discord is also open to the public, come on in and say HI!


Tabasco Road currently has 3 openings
Must hit 6+ times on take down days
Must join our discord server
time zone (UTC ± X hrs)
Clan Chat is English
Looking for team players that hit when the clan agrees to hit and rests when the clan agrees to rest.
100k+ alpha damage
Very active and friendly group

Join us and get 7* alpha chests with a guaranteed 4* dragon in it!

Hello , I would like to join the team. My yellow dragons are weaker than the rest.
I’m at GMT+8, so I may not be able to have max attacks on alpha all the time. Thanks! Eric

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We would be happy to have you. Do you have discord?

This makes things so much easier

Still need members?

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Yes! Come on over and say hi in our discord so i can get you in.

We are looking for more people to join our Spicy Family! Scroll up to find our Discord link and come on in and say Hi! :grin:

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