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Tabs and cleaning up the display

Once again there are so many things in the side bar that we can’t even see them all at a glance. Shouldn’t the rune sale go in Offers (it’s already highlighted in the top bar) and the pumpkin hunt and hangar sale go in the events tab? It defeats the purpose of creating these tabs if they’re not used properly. And if we can keep the pumpkin hunt available for easy reference (in the correct tab), why not the monthly calendar as well? Once we claim the daily gift, poof! It disappears into oblivion, instead of being available to consult in the events tab.


100% agree with you.

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This seems to be too much like common sense.
On top of having it stuck in the side bar with ‘last chance’ appearing overtop of it, we haven’t even been able to find these damn pumpkins in a week.
It’s so frustrating I just want to smash their damn pumpkins, but despite all my rage I’m still just a rat in a cage

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