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Tactical creatures

We should have a discussion on the best teams and tactics.

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We could do but it is all dependent on the context of battle. If battling in the arena then tactics can go out of the window depending on the boosts your opponent has.

My main tip would be to build a balanced team rather than throw all your eggs into one basket (or crutch) and boost one Dino all the way up.

Updated 1.15 is coming and no one knows how the mechanics will play out.

For now focus on understanding your dinos. Work out which ones would be good against someone who has a speedster, which can counter a heavily armoured tank, which can recover from being bled out etc.

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One of the most versatile creatures in the game has to be dioraja. It’s bulky and has one of the best counter attacks in the game. In many matchups, the deciding factor is not too much hp, and you can use dio to swap in. Take mags vs erlidom. The enemy magna is about to kill your tryko with 25 hp left, setting up rampage. You swap in dio, have it counter attack, swap out to tryko, and then use erlidom to rampage. The enemy mags isn’t going to use distracting impact, so it’ll be enough. Then dio can buff the counter and stalll. Or, it can outpuut tons of damage (up to 3000 per turn)


I love Smilonemys. It’s 2 levels below the rest of my team but it’s very good. It has almost everything. Cleanse, dodge, armor, 2 immunities, decel, shield, 2 rampages, a swap in, a swap out, an anti dodge move. The only thing it can’t do is hit through armor and shields. It’s great in aviary and library

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Brontolasmus is useful

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I’d say spinoconstrictor. If it can bleed spino can kill it


Geminititan. I might be a bit biased, but Gemini is the best Dino with boosts imo. High damage along with highest hp in the game and a crazy versatile moveset along with immunity, this thing is straight up broken


Best teams and victory comes by having balanced creatures.Boosts shall be used.There shall be 3 speedy,2 health tanks,2 super attackers and one random creature.

My Carnotarkus :slight_smile: I am working on Dsungaia too.

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I like to have 2 creatures that swap in well, so I’m always using all 4 dinos in a fight. Dracocera & Quetzorion are my interceptors right now. I think highly of Dracocera. Thylacotator also served me well for a while.

I also keep track of my best starting & ending dinos. My starters, in order of priority depending on who I actually start with: G2 Indo, Erlikospyx, Indoraptor, Erlidom. I like to finish a fight with Maxima unless I need her to counter something (like G2 Indo).

I also look at the order of the 4 dinos I have. When I start with Erlidom & Dracocera, I like to go through the dinos between those two first. Then I can finish something off with Strike & Run into Dracocera later if I want to.

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Like Maxima

Carnotakus :grinning:is nice :1st_place_medal: :medal_sports: :trophy:

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HAHAHA wait til I hit library, this would add some interest to battles

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I mean if we’re on the topic of creatures I used a diplocaulus gen 2 to beat the latest trial

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Diplocaulus is good,but gen 2 is super good.