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TacticalFannyPack Alliance Recruiting

We are a new alliance founded by a couple of returned veterans who played at release. As the name implies, we possess more than a touch of dorkiness and welcome others of a like mindset. We only ask that you be active and willing to request/donate. Look for our alliance in game or post here or add OvenproofRhino #1974!

Love the name… Good luck though, most of the keepers are comfy



Thanks, my wife came up with the name. Big thing we’re are looking for are people who play. We don’t need the uber competitive ones. They are welcome though!

We are still here and growing! More people means more rewards. If you are in a defunct alliance or are just starting out, don’t hesitate to come joj us!

We’re still here and still looking for more players. I want to post something inspirational and motivating, but can’t think of anything. So, join us, we are newb friendly and we have cookies!

Still here. Still need more peeps.

Still looking for more active players. Whether you want to abandon an alliance full of inactives or you are new to the game, we want you!

Our team named for a strategic personal caring device needs more bodies! We are still growing and still dorks!