Taiwandino wants you! Lvl 20 sancs, 10/10, and more!

TaiwanDino & TaiwanDinoB.

Our alliances reach 10/10 often. ‬And we have Co-Op sanctuaries at 20 each built. Looking forward to having more 20s in the future!! People in teams are generous in sharing dnas as well as fine chat groups for Raids. With us It’s easier and faster to collect dna that you need for Uniques!

welcome to join us if you can:

:white_check_mark:follow Sanctuary Rules

:white_check_mark:join our FB chat group

:white_check_mark:complete 10 kills in tournaments each week

:white_check_mark:Play everyday, complete daily and battle missions

then you’re highly welcomed to PM via Facebook search me:

image Handsomulder Hsu

‪Note: Currently we’re having many inquiries, people who are interested joining might need to stay in entry waitlist for a while. First come first join.