Take a Breath, DPG Members


The tournament is active, and already everyone’s going nuts over the fact there’s already players with 4000+ trophies.

Guys, take a step back a sec. Is it really worth getting that upset over? When I first started playing this game back in June, I knew for a fact that getting to the top would already be a long painful climb, mostly due to the fact I’m a casual player who sees no point in aiming for the top so badly when the game should be about having fun. Good old fashioned fun. I think that’s what people are starting to forget these days, just how to have fun. There’s no real prize being a top player except being at the top for half a minute and earning bragging rights. But now you are at the top, and there’s hardly anyone to fight. Now what? There’s two options: make a complaint no one cares for, or drop down and maybe try out other combos. My vote is for dropping down since it’s actually more beneficial than people think.

And now we have the tournament. There’s quite the prize for being a top 500 or so player, but even if we don’t make the boards, we’re still getting something out of the deal, so is it worth getting that worked up over? I’m not condoning, but who cares if they do cheat or pour all their money into their dinos instead of using it for something better; others have proven they can be beaten. I wouldn’t look at it negatively. I’d look at those 4000+ trophy holders as positive influence; you have something to aim for! You want to show you’re better than them, that your team is the strongest! And you can do it if you don’t get so worked up. Hey, at least we don’t have that horrific weakness chart from JW The Game…or that horrid battle system for that matter…good lord the nightmares.

It isn’t Pokemon, guys. Every dinosaur only has one moveset, which makes it easier, yet slightly tricky to read what your opponent will do. There’s no type chart, just pure rng, which people need to stop getting so worked up over. So you got stunned multiple times in a row. So your stunning move didn’t work. Happens to all of us; you’re no more special than anyone else. At least you’re not facing the dreaded Lv30 bots. Take things with a grain of salt and move on; a lot of us gamers are getting tired of the salt being spread all over the forums. Rng is everywhere, even in real life, there’s no escaping it. If you took it away from this game, the battles would be so boring no one would be playing, and the game would no longer exist. JWA has a lot of potential going for it and had a much better start than PoGo, so stop trying to ruin it. Where JWA had battles from the start, it took PoGo 3 years to develop a trade system that sounds like it still has kinks to work out, and still nothing else it promised from the trailers. I dunno about you, but I’ll take a well fleshed out battle system over mindlessly tapping my screen to attack to the point I break my phone’s screen.

Just calm down, peeps. Burn a candle, maybe some incense (make sure your room is well ventilated!), maybe listen to some calming music. Don’t get so worked up over the leaderboards; be more proud over your own progression rather than someone else’s. Be happy that you made it as far as you did with your team, forget about the top players. They’re not important. Your team, your own progression, all you’ve done is way more important than someone who cheats their way to the top. Focus on you and your team, not them. You’ll find yourself at the top a lot faster than if you rant.


500 people are happy. That’s a good thing.

Maybe a few thousand more will get 4000+. That will be me.

Sorry to those who just want incubators and have to enter very hostile territory to get them.


I think you’ve missed the point.


I prefer lvl 30 bots that use random dinos. Than teams with 5 unique at lvl 30 any day just me maybe


I think at that point I’d rather lose to a real player than a bot, lol.


I didn’t address your point. I think only a minority can’t compete. Most forum players can compete have been ranked. They won’t give up they are very annoyed at the cheaters and posting about it. Honestly I think my team aren’t good are below the forum average but good enough to enjoy myself in the arena.


This is my team and I’m at 3270

When I hit the big 3500 I will probably just stop battling.
And compared to your team, I am way below average.


'Bout that… Not sure how to take that.


You get a lot of dna from that battling. I wouldn’t stop.


I was just at 3500 when the tournament hit. My team isn’t going to be strong enough to place in the tournament, I know that. I’m fine with slowly strengthening my team and working on unlocking new legendaries, I don’t think I deserve a shot at the tournament rewards. All I want to compete for is incubators. I don’t have a fair chance to do that right now, because teams far stronger than mine have been reset to 3500. When the teams I’m matched with have dinos all several levels over mine and legendaries like utahsinoraptor and ankytrollosaurus, the best I can do is lose 2-3. I’ve played well when I accomplish that, but I doesn’t fill my incubator slots. I enjoy the game and do not care about the leaderboard, but battling is pretty discouraging at the moment.


And to top it all off, then this happens…


Ugh, that’s the worst. I had that happen to me once. I think it’s probably due to wifi issues, but that’s all I have to go on.