Take Advantage of OP Dino's

If your in it to win it, you take advantage of an overpowered (OP) dino while it’s available.

This is part of winning battles if that is what you want. For those who leveled up Stegodeus despite it may be getting a nerf now. It helped to get them wins for months. It wasn’t a waste for those who say, “I’m glad I didn’t waste my coins leveling Stegod.” You lost a a lot because you didn’t take advantage of an OP dino while it was there.

Every OP dino will get nerfed at some point but while it’s available, use it! If it works to win battles, it’s not a waste even if you know it will get nerfed at some point.

So what is the next OP dino? Lets now take advantage of that one till they get around to nerfing that one after the whining squeaky wheels get their grease.

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Monostego seems to be a boss now.

I do not regret leaving my Tragodist at 17. Never liked it’s play style. I didn’t lose anything leaving it behind either. Also, my Stegodeus is only 23 (could be leveled to 24), but I rather level up the rest of my team to keep pace for when Stegadeus isn’t picked. I choose dinosaurs to level and play because they’re fun, not because they’re fotm. Postimetrodon has never left my team.

This is the game since release, people used raptors, then tanks and whit 1.5 people will overlwvel next op dino and then they nerf they in 1.6, is all about money

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The biggest and nastiest OP Dino coming up is Erlidominus. Also probably the hardest to get.