Take advantage of these events!

My highest overall is a 6, and the rest are level 5. If you are at that level or higher, take advantage of the free one, and pay your 75 gold for it again and again!
I made up my gold purchases from a secret room. I received around 50 gems combined from two other attempts. You can easily two dice it, but it’ll be challenging to three dice it. Worth it worth it worth it!

Don’t be one of those complaining you get no gold or gems if you’re not going to take advantage of this!


I’m just farming it now I 3 dice it easy

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I am faced with a difficult decision.

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Your exactly right Jose. They had great events this week to stock up in gold and gems. People would be foolish not to take advantage. If you gain all 500 gems that’s 10,000 gold worth of gems. It only costs 150 for the challenge. If you can do the math, it’s in your benefit.

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Idk bud, this one’s tricky! Choose carefully and wisely!