Take down the fireworks, what are you guys doing

Take down the fireworks, what are you guys doing


…Fireworks? I’m sorry, your post is just a little vague :sweat_smile:

I guess he’s talking about the supply drops

Fireworks on the markers

Could you post a pic maybe? If you mean supply drops, well… we need those… it’s the only way to get a constant refill of darts lol.

Yeah I’m tired of seeing them myself. The 4th of July is a 1 day holiday in the USA. I understand the event last a week but all month is a little much.

Yeah the level of attention given to this game by the devs is… disturbing.


They fixed a glitch long ago about unlimited supply drop rewards (in like 12 hours), yet they can’t change the supply drop itself.

Maybe they planned on it being the whole month of July? What number is this on whine & complain list? The complaints are getting ridiculous. What’s next? Oh I don’t like the placement of the plants in my battle arena?


I wonder if he thinks boosts are op?

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