Takes Forever to load on older devices

Can I just say something about l
How long it takes to load into anything in this game. I use a Galaxy S8 which sure is a old phone since we’re in 2021, almost 2022! But still, my phone can handle every other mobile game I have (excluding this one). Just so you guys want to know how bad it is. It takes 7 seconds to load from Collection to Map fully. This I the worst, pretend there was a parasaurolophus lux right in front of you but couldn’t catch it because the Map was still loading. That would be very annoying, this happened to me TWICE. So Ludia, can you please do something to make the loading go quicker? Even 2 seconds would be AMAZING. Anyways have a good Christmas guys.

It’s the same for me
You phone was released in 2017

and my phone is 2019

and it is the same,takes over 40 seconds for the game to open and ~10 sec for the map to load
I’ve also lost a para lux because of this,please do something about this ludia :pray:

Careful they might start to sell hardware compatible with their software! :wink:

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