Takes so many memory the game


Im using a Galaxy S4 to play, I tried anothers but this one is the best phone i have to play but the game takes so many memory that my phone gets hot and stop inbthebmiddle of the game.
What phone are you using?


I use Iphone 7plus. Ive noticed after a while of playing my phone gets hot but my phone hasnt crashed.


I play on the Samsung S7, hoping to upgrade to S9 in November. The older your phone is the more it will struggle. Samsung S4 is very old now.


IPhone7 but it only gets hot when I’m out for hours collecting DNA otherwise it’s fine :ok_hand:t3:


your phone is like 5 years old. that’s to be expected.


I have the Huawei Honor 5c, the game does lag after about 1 hour of hunting. A quick close and reopen of the app does the trick.
Sames goes for PoGo.


The heat comes from battery usage. It has nothing to do with memory usage. Think about how the phone gets warm while charging, one of the reasons I don’t like cases as they hold the heat in, shortening the battery life of the phone.


Pixel first gen, looking forward to upgrafeing to the Asus gaming phone


iPhone X and it’s fine. But I don’t go out specifically to hunt :woman_shrugging:t2: