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"Taking a break"

I might not be the first to ask… But when your match is “taking a break”, does that mean that the story is ending there ? … Because i might throw my iPhone by the window if I’ll never know the real ending for Albert…


I think it does mean exactly that. The story line is not finished or another chapter. I’ve gotten 5 to the taking a break. When they are going to continue I don’t know.:thinking:


does that mean a break?


Yes exactly!!

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Omg no … :pensive: i wanted to continue and we ended up arguing …

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I’ve had the same thing happen! I was thinking that maybe the storyline isn’t quite finished for those characters, but there’s been 5/6 characters that I’ve been talking to where all of them have ‘gone offline for a while’ and it really slows things down. I’m hoping that with new updates, they’ll come back ‘online’ again, but yeah, it can be pretty frustrating.


Yeah i hope too :slightly_frowning_face:

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Nope! If its the message saying he’ll come back but check the other matches meanwhile its just that he is supposed to be like a real person so he has to do other things and when he has time he’ll come back to you

Yes, I saw :grin:

Well… I guess I am just truly unlucky because none of them have returned yet.

I wrote to support… It’s been a few weeks for me and no return… No matches either

Apparently when the matches are taking a long break that’s where the writers have got to with the stories. I can’t match with anyone else and all my fave characters are taking a break. Hope they get the stories complete soon cause im losing interest.



All my matches have been taking a break for Weeks now.
I have simply stopped playing this game since I have no one to talk with.

It’s sad because I really liked this game but it’s done for me.

I think the team should finish at least a few characters stories to keep the players interest.

Weeks? Are you playing Lovelink through the WYS app or the Lovelink app? The stories seem to be largely finished in the latter anyway, but I don’t think the WYS app is being updated as far as the Lovelink aspect of it goes or so it seems as many people’s matches have been on a break for a very long time on that app.

I reached the point in Eve’s story where in the WYS app she goes on a long break, but that didn’t happen with the Lovelink app so I’m guessing there’s more to her story now.