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Taking a break

Just wanted to let you all know you might not see me on here quite as often (not that anybody is keeping track). I’m going through some mental stuff and I don’t know what the cause of it is. So, I’m trying to stay off my phone as much as possible, which is tough because I’m off during the summer and I’m thoroughly addicted to this game, lol. I didn’t do any of the PVEs yesterday and that’s the first time in a LONG time I haven’t finished everything for the day. I’ll probably still check in and try to work on hatching and tournaments if I can, but I’ve turned off my discount alarms. This anxiety thing I’m going through hit me hard and is greatly affecting my real life. I’m hoping it doesn’t have anything to do with my time on the phone and playing this game, but I need to get better. So, this isn’t good bye, but it’s just a see you not as often for now until I can get things worked out.


Feel better.


We wish you all the best. Come back when and if you safely can


Hope things work out fine for you, friend! Don’t let JWtG get in the way of your mental health, it can be a straight pain to keep that PvE routine-like burden on your head. We will await your return! :slightly_smiling_face:


your health is always the priority my friend. I hope it can improve. I have anxiety and I know how bad it is. hope to see you here again


Hope you will be okay,
wish you a fast recovery


Get well, health is far more important than a game, it will be around when you want to come back.

Best of luck


wish u get well soon!
mental health is more important than game progress!


Get well soon!
Take care of ur mental health


Take care and if you feel like wanting/needing a chat - you know we are here for you :wink:


goodbye mate


Take care of yourself, I think you are being sensible. It’s too easy to feel obliged to do stuff with this game. Come back when it feels right and will be fun.

And thanks for all your advice and suggestions.


Hope you get better soon pal :+1:


I hope you find the healing you seek!
I find it helpful to disconnect / detach from time to time as well. For me, when I take a step back from things, it is often a time of great inner growth. I re-engage the world differently when I return to whatever I step away from…and things seem to happen with more ease / less friction.

I step away from food, people, places, media, tech, habits…you name it. I used to get so wrapped up in doing stuff all the time that I was just a human doing… not a human being. I was missing the most important thing.


Take your time, I wish you the best


Please feel free to talk in private, anytime, anyway.

Me passing through a similar mental state, but still trying to move on. I hope you can find the inner strenght to get back on your feet as quick as possible.

Don’t forget that we are always here. In a way.


Noted that down. :writing_hand:t2:


Flawless statement delivery :scream::100:


My best wishes for you, and hopefully you return a lot better.

I’ve been also with high depression and post traumatic disorder plus anxiety, and my best advice is always to confront your problems, and that everything has a solution, I’ve been fighting with this for a lot of years and each year I’m doing better and better, having this is far common that you think, you can get out of it and I think we all wish you the best.

And finally, never give up! Wishing you the best and you know you can count on us, and hopefully to read a message from you in a few months telling us you are doing great.


Thank you everyone for all the kind words. I’ve been feeling a lot better these last two days. I’m not entirely sure what was causing it and I don’t think I’m 100% yet, but definitely around 90%. I think I’ve just been inside the house too much, not getting enough sleep, not getting exercise outside, and on the game and forums a bit too much. I do exercise indoors 5 days a week. I do about 30 minutes of stomach exercises and pushups (including stretch time), then 27 minutes on a row machine. For the game, I completely skipped one day except for the prize drop tickets. The next day I think I did the same. Yesterday I was able to play a bit, but didn’t finish the VIP battles (only did 1) or even start the TyS.

Mentally, I think it was good for me to realize that I could take a day off or more and my world wasn’t going to end. I’ve been walking 2.5 miles outside each of the last 3 days as well as doing my normal indoor workout. I think that helped burn off a lot of my anxious energy and made it easier to fall asleep at night. I had to watch a movie on my phone the other night and try to fall asleep. I think it helped distract my mind and didn’t focus on my anxiety. I had spent 2 hours pacing in my bedroom before trying that. The night after I was able to just listen to the movie on some earbuds and fall asleep that way. Last night I was finally able to go to sleep without any help. I normally can fall asleep right when my head hits the pillow, so this was all new to me.

I think this was my body’s way of telling me I need to get outside more and get more sleep. I made doctors appointments before feeling better that still aren’t even until next week. I’m still going to go to them to make sure everything is functioning as expected, but I’m sure relieved that it feels like it’s getting much better. Being up at 2am and not being able to sleep or sit still was terrifying. If I could give you just one bit of advice it is to try and get at least 6 hours of sleep each night. I think that’s really helped. I notoriously would only get 4-5 most nights (especially during work months) and I think it caught up with me. Anyway, thanks again and I think I’m back, but just won’t be here much :grin: