Taking away spawns to make us want to buy scents

I just want to say that I think it’s underhanded that they decreased the spawn rate of velociraptor so drastically in the last four months that I had thousands of T-Rex DNA which is an epic, and no velociraptor DNA for weeks at a time. If I found one it was very rare. Then they introduced the velociraptor scent.

Now they have moved the stegosaurus to be a park only spawn so we can’t really access that much either. Then of course the stegosaurid scent is released.

It’s such a blatant money grab. The more greedy they become the less I buy and that is a fact. I used to spend money but now I’ve stopped. They are literally RAKING IN THE CASH and it’s never enough, they have to keep finding more and more ways to exploit us. When is enough going to be enough? Never?


There’s Velociraptor all over if you’re willing to look and TRex spawn at night.

This was before this current update. However, now T-Rex isn’t spawning hardly at all and I can sometimes at least find velo. now, but it’s still not at a common spawn rate like it should be.

I was reading some other Ludia games forums. Some seem to be desperately demanding more attention. Our games is just out of balance but can be played.

But if you want evidence of Ludia being cynical for money. How about killing a teen girl if you don’t use in game currency to save her.


I’ve still got loads of velo spawning where I am both day and night I worried the new update would change that but I’m still getting as many as I’ve always had. I do stay next to a train station and I’ve been told that’s why I get day/night velo spawns

Velo is still around but not as numerous as they were Tarbo seems to have taken over that slot. Trex is ample so far but we know how that can change at a keystroke. But I totally agree, they manipulate spawns to encourage players to buy. Some will without even thinking about it whereas I won’t and refuse to. Make it fun to want to buy the store items not make it so you almost have to in order to advance within the first five yrs. ok… cue up the cheerleaders >>>>>>>

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I’ve never gone a week without seeing Trex until last week. Ignoring the event of course that doesn’t count. And normally things increasingly spawn when on event.


Lets not forget metahub datamined an apex predator scent that includes trex as a possible epic… lol


That’s messed up!

Agree with your thoughts. This game is money grabbing.

If survival is the reason, then, the Devs should learn from the PoGo Devs. PoGo’s in game items are cheap. It attracts most players to spend - and a lot most times. Although the game is off the peak, but many are still playing and the game still survive well into its 4th year.

The most important part - the cost of levelling up mons are free - it is literally costless to obtain candies and stardust to level up mons in PoGo. It is just the opposite for JWA.

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And in pokego you have to pay to do more than one raid a day, and if you want access to the big raids, you need to hope you get a pass from doing a raid there previously. Want to do more than one raid? Shell out money. Would it be better if we had to pay to do a strike event more than once a day?

In non city areas, pokestops are also hard to come by, as are gyms, I have two stops and one gym in pogo that I can access without taking an hour+ long bus ride into the city, it’s part of what made me abandon pogo,

You don’t have to pay to level up Pokémon, but there’s also no real reason to level non legendaries in the first place, pogo has a practically nonexistent battle system which rewards faster phones more than it rewards true cp value or even type matchup, not only that but you can easily wittle a gym down by battling, healing, and repeating, which means that so long as you can take at least one Pokémon down per battle, you can lazily Redo a gym again and again until you win this rendering level/cp much less important than in JWA.

You also have to buy incubators for eggs if you want to do more than one at a time, on top of the physical work of then walking that egg around. JWA doesn’t expect you to invest walking hours the way pogo does.

Leveling is slower in pogo especially at higher cp tiers and Pokémon rarities to an extent not present in JWA. In JWA there’s a coin investment for the fuse or level up itself, in pogo there’s a candy and stardust investment, if you don’t buy coins with real money, it really isn’t any different in the long run, you still have to go out and collect that stardust or that specific candy, and if you do invest real money into JWA, you can use that money to obtain coins, you cannot use money to obtain stardust or candy in pogo.

It’s also easier to get hard cash from jwa than coins from pogo, you can amass thousands from tapjoy if you know to keep an eye out, the only way to get the real money currency in pogo is to take a gym and hope you can hold it for upwards of an hour or to shell out irl money.

You can definitely compare jwa to pokego, I do all the time and personally prefer jwa, but saying the level up system in pokego doesn’t have the same investment as jwa isn’t really correct, it’s just that instead of battling and spinning supply drops for coins, you have to catch pokemon (using up balls in the process which means just like in jwa you still have to hoof it out to pokestops…if you have any nearby)

Tl;dr it’s not costless to level Pokémon in pogo, it costs time and energy just like in jwa. The only difference is that you literally cannot buy stardust or candy.

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Yeah, if ludia wants to make things cheaper then they could but rise the cap of dinos to level 40 or even 50 hehe.

That way then they could make a fortune by dropping prices and increasing spawns slightly and makinh it easier to grab coins etc

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The past two weeks were just boring and I won’t be walking around looking for dna anymore, because there is just no variety unless you want irritators. These monospawns are just boring. Who wants to dart the same dino all the time? Not me. I go for an hour or two walk and come back with… practically nothing. I’ll take a break for a week or two and see if the spawns improve. The event spawns don’t save the situation. I live 15 km from the nearest park so I’m lucky if I can walk past 5 event stops in a 90 minute walk. Also the strike towers are either eyes closed hands down or impossible. Something is missing here and I hope it changes soon as I can see many people all over experiencing the same fatigue. Too much grinding not enough variety.


Yeah I used to see a rex or two almost every day, now haven’t seen any for days despite hours of hunting.

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That is why I think it’s obvious that the devs should have migration happen once every week. It would really help everyone to have variety instead of the same thing for months. Plus we need all types of dinos to level various hybrids so then everyone would have fair access to them.

Before 1.5 this street of about a mile of shops was my best place to hunt. Its zone 2 with every kind of food and an absurd number of hairdressers even a pet shop. Maybe the spawns are okay for some but they aren’t playable for many. Screenshot_20181204-165836
Looking the opposite way.

But think of it this way. If they had offered the Stegosaurid scent when Stego was everywhere, then they moved Stego to Parks, someone would complain they didn’t know it was coming and would have purchased the special scents.

The bigger issue is moving the stegosaur to parks to begin with… not everyone has axcess to parks… they know and recognized this when they moved green supply drops to spawn all over the world. Stegosaur is a basic dino whos dna is needed in every stage of the game.

How do new players reliably combat the speed meta in the early game? Stegos. Midlevel players need stego dna for stegocera… and its needed for two legendaries.

Same for Trex whos scent is comming… though youll need alot of scents cause only rare guranteed.

The spawn changes were done for the purpose of gaining more revunue from a shrinking playerbase.


Are you at my work lol? Same… holy einos!

Well I have stopped playing. It’s a grind at the moment. I’ll log in every two weeks or so, maybe play for a day to see if the spawns have improved. What a pity. Fortunately there is a lot going on in other games at the moment so I’m being kept busy while Ludio makes JWA fun again…