Taking bus to play jurassic world alive is great!


So I get bored or not even bored but wanting some rare and epic DNA so I hope on my local bus here in Calgary AB and it does loops and i hit a lot of stops getting my fill of daily coin and dino bucks and a lot of rares and epics pop up on screen ! Taking the bus sure beats driving as you can’t play if your driving nor should you be unless your passenger .

All I’m saying is if you want to get your daily fill of Coin, dino bucks or DNA just hop a bus and do a loop or two and collect . It’s worth the time.

Cheers DinoLord!!


There arent prizes for walking or whatelse. I take the car as well to have a look around the city.


Yea it would be nice to get rewards for walking :walking_woman: gives motivation lol I walk a lot anyways but for people who don’t maybe it might help motivate just a guess :joy: but yes diving to spots helps too :+1: