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Taking Down Morty with ONLY Epics?!

Well, we beat Morty last time with all Legendaries, but in all honesty that was a bit too easy. How about all epics? :wink:

Big thanks to SROCK4T, PowerfulRubbish, and IDGT902 for the raid and shoutout to MakeBelieve and Somastrale for the lobby transfers! :pray:


Nice work!

I await the all Rare team! :+1:


Great job guys!

Did the boost shuffle event help with it though?

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no doubt, boost shuffle helped a lot! the boost spread for procerat, gamma, and Maia are terrible for arena or advantage tourney but needed them to be boosted that way to pull off morty haha

maybe next boost shuffle all rares :joy:


Well even so, I congratulate you on this remarkable feat.
Great stuff and I can’t wait for the next shuffle to see the rares do it :laughing:

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haha thx, was a team effort :raised_hands: also got really lucky to win the raid on the first try, the RNG with dodge and random targeting could’ve been bad :joy:

It was fun