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Taking hybrid requests!

I really want to get wacky and create amalgamations that would be great additions to Jurassic World Alive. I do have some rules though:
-No redundant hybrids (Spinosaur + Spinosaur, Pterosaur + Pterosaur, Ceratopsian + Ceratopsian, etc.)
-No more than 3 prehistoric creatures to a hybrid
-Only creatures that are currently in the game
-You can suggest moves and stats, but know that I may change them for balancing
-They will probably only be sketches, don’t expect my usual, highly detailed art
-I won’t be adding features that are not already visible on either components (meaning I will not glue spikes all over the creature to make it look “cool”, I mix dinosaurs together so that I can see all the components, not to make an unrecognizable abomination)

Other than that, go crazy! Send me wacky components that are sure to make terrifying and/or cool looking amalgamations. Examples below are:
-Nundasuchus + Monolometrodon
-Spinosaurus Gen 2 + Rajakylosaurus
-Baryonyx + Diplovenator
-Carbotoceratops + Diplocaulus
-Diloranosaurus + Gallimimus
-Pyroraptor + Ankyntrosaurus
-Skoolasaurus + Kentrosaurus
-Einiosaurus + Tyrannolophosaur
-Purrolyth + Phorusrhacos


Brontolasmus and Entelodon. I think that would be cool.

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Unfortunately Brontolasmus is a redundant hybrid (rhino + rhino), so I won’t be having anything to do with that, I would love to hear some other suggestions that include the pig!

Gosh this is hard. Entelodon and (I kinda wanna see it mixed with a bird/ pterasaur. AKA Flying pig) maybe Dimodactylus. I see it somehow having regen and run from that set up.

Diplotator and Entel, because a salamander pig is going to look dope

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I have allways wanted blue + proceratomimus
It should be super fast , inmune raptor type with light blue featherish body. You can add the other moves.:grimacing:

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A flying pig is definitely a fun concept! I won’t use Dimodactylus though because it’s a Pterosaur + Pterosaur hybrid and I hate redundancy. So maybe I’ll just use Dimorphodon and Entelodon, murderous flying pig!

Well now I’m kind of sad now, that’s all I really wanted to see. Maybe Ludia will pick up on it and use it though.

Yo my friend, how about Alankylosaurus + Kaprosuchus?

And this one: Kleneken + Dracoceratops. Sorry, someone was gonna suggest the Rat sooner or later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, and that Purrolyth + Phorusrhacos combo is LIT. 100% would use that monster :heart_eyes::sunglasses:
Not to say that I wouldn’t try them all. Hey, you’ve seen the JWA Art Thread right?

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I was going to suggest this one too haha


Diplovenator + Scaphognatus

Super cool! I used to do some requests too on the JWA Artwork page. Can’t wait to see what crazy stuff gets created!

I want to see a take on Entelodon+Gorgosuchus! Boarcroczilla!

Alankylosaurus+Kelenken would be pretty dope too

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Those are some very interesting hybrid ideas! I’ll definitely play around with those, and yeah I’ve seen the JWA art thread, still tryna figure out how the forum works tho lol

Entel + Gorgosuchus would DEFINITELY be a monster! I’m gonna have fun with that one for sure!

Try Dracosuchus = Kaprosuchus + Dracoceratops.

could you do indominus rex + stegosaurus?

or maybe create what would most likely be the most dangerous (and most hated) rat ever by mixing: dracorat+phorusaura
move set/skill of this monster:
swap in rampage
instant rampage
raking claws
side step

and no, i don’t like the rat at all, in fact i absolutely hate it, but in my opinion this would still be an interesting hybrid to see…

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Well, someone above requested Kelenken and Dracoceratops, so it’s pretty similar to Dracorat and Phorus, and you’re right, it very much is an interesting hybrid to see. However, I won’t draw it with Phorusaura because that would be a 4 way hybrid, which is currently unrealistic to the game

Dimetrodon + Stegosaurus (+ Spinosaurus?) :slight_smile:
Just lots of things on the back!

oh well, it was mostly meant as a joke anyways…

but what about indominus rex (or indominus rex gen 2) + stegosaurus?

or dilophosaurus + concavenator (+spinosaurus)?

or smilodon + dimorphodon?

or maybe stegoceratops + ankylosaurus?