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Taking over leadership


My alliance leader has quit. He wanted me to assume leadership. I didn’t want it, but no one else will take it. What are the responsibilities, perks, duties?


You get the stress of trying to manage a bunch of uncoordinated team members who want everything handed to them except for a few who really help out and try to build it up with no tracking tools to figure out who is really contributing or not and with seriously flawed communication. So you have to do like I did if you really care about the alliance and develop your own tools and supplement it with things like discord. But if you have a bunch of extra time on your hands go for it! I created my alliance and we are now 50 strong and having a blast once we got a bunch of dedicated players. Of course there is always fine tuning but that will always be true.

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Depending on size you may look for another alliance to absorb your current one. Start a Discord and manage your alliance from there. Disband the alliance (worst option in my opinion) leave things exactly as they are and just approve new members.


I’m the leader of a full alliance and it works out because I am on the game too much. Watching for inactive players is important and relatively easy if you time it with tournaments when trophies are reset. One person was rude once and that was quick to resolve with a threat of being booted. Since you are already a part of the forum, it is pretty easy to fill open spots if needed. There isn’t much to it, but that may change as better tools get implemented.
Edit: must add that my wonderful hubby passed leadership to me, I told him geez thanks hun…


I agree, the trophies reset is an easy way, but I also found that some players might be taking a break and come back strong so I try to give fair warning. I also have a couple who don’t want to do the tournaments so they are good in the off season


You do with it whatever you want. Play as you normally have if you happen to like that alliance. However now you have all the say in if you want to kick out inactive members.
If you think you can handle this then you saved yourself 10k coins required to make an alliance.

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How do you start a discord, and what is it?


Discord is a server group fr gamers to help in play originally designed for the multi player games like call of duty as a better communication platform that skype or similar. they offer free servers where you can set up channels for different topics or groups, and there are many other tools. for more information. if you want to see a well established one supporting JWA you can look up Metahub. info and there is a link to there server. our alliance is affiliated with them so they provide us with a channel, but i also have my own set up in Las Vegas but it is not really active right now because of the other one provides to is that i dont have to maintain. if you are interested i can provide a link


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Hi @Sylvestersmama I was in your shoes a few weeks back. I didn’t know what discord was, I took over as leader and I am having to clean up an un-managed alliance. Everyone who has commented above has been really helpful for me.

One of the hardest things I am having is getting current alliance members to join the discord. Yesterday I managed to get my first 2 people (woohoo). Since I am just maybe a step or two ahead of you, please feel free to ask my any questions. I’ll help if I can.

How many people are in your alliance?


I bypassed this issue easily by instituting the rule that if you aren’t in Discord you can’t request DNA. If you request and aren’t in Discord I delete the member, I also announce in game chat that so and so has been deleted from our alliance and why. Harsh yes, but it got many others on the Discord channel quite quickly. Our in game chat is now almost exclusively used just for dna requests and welcome messages. All other communication is happening in Discord and it is working for our alliance.


I need your backbone :sunglasses:. I have noticed that the alliances that are really active tend to have Leaders with rules so I am getting closer to the edge of putting in hard rules but I don’t think I am there yet. What alliance do you manage again @RiverrattQ. It is a Texas one right?

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Ughhhh it’s hard to have backbone! I’m really a softy, but I want others to have success as well. Rules were hard for me to institute (everyone has the right to play as they want to) BUT rules without inforcement equal NO RULES. There are a million (ok, that’s an exaggeration :rofl:) alliances to join other than ours and I couldn’t continue to carry 49 other members. Donations were constantly getting zero donations and things had to change. It was a rough few weeks with the new rules, but now 100% of our members are on board. The rule followers recently made a break from the others…we left and started TeamTexass (formerly 1 s TeamTexas) but our name will change tomorrow. I just basically gave up my first alliance to those who had formed friendships but didn’t want to venture out on their own…see ima softy! I took the hardcore rule followers with me and we are at 20, but the 20 that are with me are strong and getting stronger everyday. (And I ramble…sorry)

If you’d like to join our Discord and see how WE function, feel free to join our server and take a look around:

rp5zKvt (case sensitive Discord server code)

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