Taking turns


How are the ‘turns’ decided? I’ve gone 3 times in a row and vice versa??? Sometimes 1 to 1, others are pure random?


This is taken from the “Release Notes Update 1.4.11” thread. Bear in mind that the speed priority system (which determines who attacks first) has been bugged and not functioning properly since the new update… so until those issues are fixed, the priority system will seem a lot more random and confusing than it’s supposed to be.

According to the moderator, Order of resolution for a battle turn becomes:

  • Perform all swaps
  • Perform all Swap-In Abilities according to speed
  • Priority Ability
  • Speed order

Speed order depends on the creature’s speed stat, level, and rarity. So for example…

Velociraptor (speed 132) > Stegoceratops (speed 110)
Rajasaurus (speed 104, Epic) > Allosaurus (speed 104, Rare)
Stegoceratops Lv. 20 > Stegoceratops Lv. 15
Stegoceratops Lv. 15 ? Stegoceratops Lv. 15*** [first player to hit “attack” goes first]

Other factors that influence speed include “Priority” moves like Cloak or Evasive Stance and stunning moves like Stunning Impact and Greater Stunning Strike. Moves with “Priority” allow you to act first. Stunning moves may prevent your opponent from attacking in the next turn.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you need further clarification!


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Can I suggest you to create a new thread to put your post? so that I can link to the lots of people asking the same question, because you put everything and it is self explanatory for any player.

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