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Talk about Camp Cretaceous season 2

Camp Cretaceous is now here…ready your popcorn for season 2 and have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


I’ve still got to wait until 2mro, have fun watching it everyone!!! :popcorn: :+1:

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Watched three Episodes with a scent running. Closed the video and there was Dakotaraptor. Today will be a good day.


I just finished it. I thought it was great.

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No Spoilers!
can’t wait to binge tonight.

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I finished watching. I spent all morning watching. Liked it.


ben is back, bumpy is huge, irex is gone, tauro is ded, they meet evil guys who want to kill dinosaurs,


A warning about spoilers would not be bad. Not everyone saw the second season.

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There was Dakotaraptor in Camp Cretaceous?

No, I think he’s saying he watched 3 ep of CC with a giga scent running, closed netflix and there was a night fury spawned by the giga scent, I THINK


Oh yeah. Did it have new dinosaurs or only mention ones?

I’ve liked this season. No spoilers but i think we all know who will make an appearance in season 3

There were new ones.

Reading comprehension. 100%

The new season ended on a Cliffhanger! :sob:

I’m curious, do they know it’s gone cuz that must’ve terrified them if the big bad was gone. I wonder if they saw it half eaten,


Actually never mind don’t tell me

To all those that want Rexy in the game…well add Bumpy Toro, Bary trio, etc.


I 100% agree with this statement, I would love to use the bary trio

And I forgot how good the dino models look for the dinos like rexy and the bary’s and everyone else!!! wish Universal could use those models and put them into a VR game, that’d be fun


I have to say this:

Why did they kill off Grim? He/she was my favorite of the Baryonyx trio and was the only reason I was excited for the show in the first place!

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When that crazy woman killed one of the Baryonyx I was very angry and I was hoping that the sisters could avenge her death.Unfortunately I think Limbo will also die because we only see one Bary in FK.