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Talking Fishbones looking for Vikings!

“Talking Fishbones” is looking for active Players to fight 4* Alphas and beyond!

Our requirements:

Discord for Clan-communication
Your rating is 3000+
you are active enough to fight Alphas 3-6 times

Leave your ID here in the post or search for us ingame.Hope to call you to our viking Ranks soon!


I like the name

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Maybe you would like to give it a try and join us? Just post your ID :wink:


Wish I could. I run 4 clans lol they might miss me – or 100 ppl might follow me so I hope you have space :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But I do like your name! Hope you find an awesome group :v:


I am semi-new to the game with a 3k point team and would like to start earning 3+ star dragons. I can play 5-6 alpha battles a day and play daily. If I meet your requirements please send an invite to: PayneCakes#1501

Hi Payne, i have sent you an invite. Our next Alpha starts in a couple of hours, so feel free to Join us :wink:

How can one run 4 clans? Not sure how that works as I haven’t been able to see any other clans since I joined one.


I must be really funny and they stay for the entertainment @TheCommander


LOL, I am sure that it’s all because of your entertaining personality, but my question was how you technically have access to more than one clan.

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I have officers that lead the other clans. We all share a discord. @TheCommander

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Push…5 Slots left to fill.

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If you are still recruiting I am keen to join an active clan and help everyone progress. My current clan only has about 6 players that bother (out of 25!). I fight daily and every alpha. My bp is currently 5297. My ID is Jas#2333.

If I meet your requirements , how does it work? Do I need to leave my current clan first?

Hi Nightlight, we will invite you into the clan but yes you will need to leave your clan in order to join ours.

One more thought. Since so many are inactive in your clan, perhaps the other five would consider merging with us as well.

Found you in game and have joined. Started battling the current alpha. More energy in an hour…


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We are still recruting active players, who are eager to do 4* Alphas and to share their thoughts on Discord.

Active players needed to slay those 4* Alphas. A rating about 3k is required but mostly a strong participation, where you fight at least 3 times.

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We got 4 Slots to fill with some good and active players about 3.5k Teamrating.

Hi, I’m looking for a new clan. I fight every chance I get, hitting fir over 100k up to 160k in every fight. My former clan had to many inactive players, so we rarely had a chance to win even a 4* Alpha. My nick: BuduccaZ#8992.

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Hi Budicca,

We’ll invite you into our team :slight_smile: Our next battle against a 5* alpha is starting within a few minutes.