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Talking Fishbones looking for Vikings!

Hello, I’m Eric.
I’m interested to join your clan.
My battle team is around 5000.
My ID is Eric#5331
Yellow dragon team are weaker though.
My current clan not so active. Can’t even defeat 2-star Alpha.
Thank you.

Hi Eric,

We are very active and currently battling with 5* while 4* are easy peasy. Do you already have discord? Thias will invite you into our team.

Talking Fishbones has cleaned up a little bit and is now looking for five new Vikings ! We are currently fighting 4* regularly and are closing in on that 5*. If you are eager to help us out at this, search for us ingame or leave a message here.

You should have at least a 3500+ Teamrating
Use every energy to fight, at least 4-6 times
Droping at zero Clanpoints or being inactive for a week = leave the Clan or be kicked!

Thanks for your offer. Has just joined another clan. Was traveling for work. Cheers

The Fishbones are looking for heavy hitters to finally reach those 7* Alphas. Your BP should be over 3.5k and your average damage with each try around 20k.

If you are an active and reliable player, we would be happy to welcome you to our ranks.

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Are you still seeking new members?

Hi SongbirdT, we still got room for new members. If you meet our requirements, feel free to join us ingame at any time! Cheers!

Thanks, just joined!