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Talking Fishbones looking for Vikings!

Hello, I’m Eric.
I’m interested to join your clan.
My battle team is around 5000.
My ID is Eric#5331
Yellow dragon team are weaker though.
My current clan not so active. Can’t even defeat 2-star Alpha.
Thank you.

Hi Eric,

We are very active and currently battling with 5* while 4* are easy peasy. Do you already have discord? Thias will invite you into our team.

Talking Fishbones has cleaned up a little bit and is now looking for five new Vikings ! We are currently fighting 4* regularly and are closing in on that 5*. If you are eager to help us out at this, search for us ingame or leave a message here.

You should have at least a 3500+ Teamrating
Use every energy to fight, at least 4-6 times
Droping at zero Clanpoints or being inactive for a week = leave the Clan or be kicked!

Thanks for your offer. Has just joined another clan. Was traveling for work. Cheers