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Tampa Bay JWA Parks?


hello from Florida im looking for a decent sized park to walk/bike and farm anyone found anything around my range of play i would say is citrus county in the north and hillsborough county in the south willing to share some other locals ive been able to map out (mostly local 2s for draco)


Lettuce Lake Park is pretty good.

Ballast Pointe is also good.

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From port richey, lots of plus sized parks over this way. Hillsborough river has a state paek thats massive


i know lettuce ive played ingress there ill check it out any idea what local zone it is in ?


im in hernando pasco parks dont seem to be dence enough with spawns and supply drops


John chestnut is well populated or it was last time I was there. Ill concede your point, Im surrounded but parks but they tend to lack spawns