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Tank Meta Resurgence?

With the changes to the stat boosts, i believe Thoradolosaur got nerfed super hard from it and might not be relevant anymore thanks to boost mechanics. As a result, does anyone besides me think we’ll see a tank meta resurgence?

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Heres what im seeing each dino class at:

Tanks: benefit the most from the changes, as they dont really need the speed

Chompers: might struggle this meta since they cant overboost anymore. While they can boost hp and attack like the tanks can, nearly every tank has some form of a slowing move, so…

Bleeders: Bleeders might be more useful this meta since it’ll help against tanks, unless that tank is Ardentis or Gemini. Thylacotator and Erlikospyx are the most notable, as Erlikospyx has decel immunity and Thyla obliterates tanks in general with the bleed + rend combo.

Speedsters: If tank meta ends up occurring, then creatures like Erlidom will have issues. Speedsters in general will have to prioritize what they want more than other classes. Magna might be relevant still thanks to defense shattering moves and immunity.

All i got so far lol


I think there is 5 ways…
1:Boost anything IMMUNE
because they are the key of the actual meta,and they are actually more relevant than anything else

2-Boost anything else which is not part of the meta and which is not actually considered as relevant
To prepare yourself for the furthers updates which will probably melt immune creature or create something specially to counter immunity because they are “too” effectives

3-Boosts rare,epic unhybrid,special the ones you can’t find in the wild like blue,allo gen 2,procera…
2 reasons:1-Too earn more SP point to upgrade faster your sanctuary,so you can reach lvl 20 faster and earn more DNA point
2-To earn more rewards from turnaments which don’t set lvl to 26 and use boosts.

4-A mix of everything as i do because you can’t predict the future

5-don’t spend the boosts and wait for the next update to rampage everything on 1.10

Chompers don’t worry about speed though so being slow doesn’t matter. Health and damage boosted chompers should do well now.

Any change to the atmosphere of current Arena is always welcome.

Will it change? Let’s hope.

The marsupial lion will be the new dracoceratops.

The chompers in today’s arena outrun a large majority of the tanks. Im stating theyre not going to do as well since they cant boost to high heaven without penalty anymore, since thats what we’re all used to currently

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Thoradolosaur was relevant before boosts. It will still be relevant after the changes. Just not an OP killing machine. More like something like it was before.


I agree with that. Thor will still be used. It just wont be the arena king alongside Prince Dracoceratops anymore

Actually, Thor is horrible in this meta compared to other uniques, mine is only lv 23, so most of the time not overleveled compared to the opponent and ends up losing almost all the time. The only reason I kept it is because it was already boosted and I couldn’t afford a change. Though I can see some people running a full damage and hp build, it could work again as a slow chomper, but I don’t know. It’s relatively frail, in this case might be better to just run Tenrex.

I see what you mean. I was referring to the current situation where boosts can up their speed overly so.

I still find it VERY good on friendlies (against me, cause I don’t have it… never wanted it). So it’s still good even without being super boosted and leveled up. It’s just not OP, as I said.

Guess we are about to see a lot of legendaries and epics in the upcoming meta which couldn’t shine for quite a while

Thor will still hit like a truck and even if its slowed can respond with a priority move. It isnt going to run over whole teams anymore but it will be far from useless.


Yeah it’s not by any means a bad dino, just not as good as most uniques, winning the least amount of matchups. And of course, If set up properly It can be very effective.

That’s true.

Now the real question is:

Is thor going to be affected enough for the tanks to return to spotlight, or will they still suck (unless youre tryko, Ardentis, Grypo, Dioraja, or Gemini)

Cuz as far as i know, Thor was pretty much the reason tanks dive-bombed.

Thor alone was not responsible for tanks… thor… tenotorex… buffs to tryo, tryko (who is as much chomper as he is tank) and the rework to bleeds are what made the other tanks drop off. Spinotasuchus was a 1.5 tyrant tier dino because of this and thor was considered the lesser of the new the chompers with many saying it was worse then allosino cause it lost the armor of its parent.

Thor didnt kill tanks… bleeders did and people stopped playing tanks because of bleeders… then stopped playing bleeders cause there were not tanks to bleed. Recent released tanks aside… if the old tanks come back. Darwins hybrids stock will raise significantly

So I’m looking at Thor on my primary account at level 24 and can up to 25 right now. I have enough resources to take it to 26 provided I average 20 per fuse. My current Thor is 5-6-6

I can boost Thor in the new system to 12-12-12 at level 26:
Stat = (Base), Boosted, >Current 24<
Health = (4200), 5460, >4952<
Damage = (1680), 2184, >2103<
Speed = (109), 133, >135<
(This will be a nerf of speed and make lower Thors less menacing)

I won’t have as fast as a Thor as before but for Unique’s to be relevant in the new boost system, they need to be at least 25, if not 26 when compared to my 26 Utasinoraptor, 3-6-4, now, Below:

I can boost Utasino in the new system to 14-15-15 at level 26:
Stat = (Base), Boosted, >Current 24<
Health = (3000), 3990, >3300<
Damage = (1600), 2184, >2208<
Speed = (127), 157, >138<
(I can hold back on some health and some speed but max attack for rat extermination)

I will be doing these figures be very conservative with boosts and only apply them when I find I need them after many battles to plug weaknesses.

Your forgetting the 30 cap boost limit total per dino… wont be able to use more then 30 total boosts per dino at level 30 and less the lower leveled the dino is.

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