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Tank reworked concept

Ladies and gentlemen we have entered in to the third of the regular class of Dino’s slowers and stunners. (AKA tanks) There was once a time where tanks ruled the arena but woo those days are long gone and most are just shadows of there formal selves (rip stego god and monostego) anyway I feel ludia has don’t them dirty for way to long and they need a come back (except for the sauropods they way to good and need some health and attack nerf) okay now for the first class and the one that has seen the most. Nerf ceratopsians this poor class was dealt a hefty blow in 1.9 and they need to be resurrected in a way that they don’t become way to OP. They should go from a stunning and slowing to a stunning and goring since well they have horns for triks sake. They should get rid of ther swap in cause like no one wants more mini rats running around the rodents are already way too wide spread as it is.

Here are some ideas of move changes based on there Species

Einiosaurs: speed 108
Attack: 1,100
Health: 4,300
Armor: 15%
Move set: goring strike - deal 1x damage by pass armor, DoT 0.2 of opponents max hp for one turn
Great stunning strike: deal 1x time damage 75% chance to stun for one turn. Cool down 2.

Triceratops: speed -110
Attack- 1,200
Health - 4,000
Armor- 20%
Move set: goring strike deal 1x damage by pass armor, DoT 0.2 of opponents max hp for one turn

Greater stunning impact. Deal 1.5x damage, 75% chance to stun opponent for one turn. Cool down 2.

Impaling impact: deal .30 of opponents max hp. Bypass armor. Cool down 3, delay 1

You can get the idea from there as for stegosaurs, ankylosaurs and Hadrosaurs (ps forgot they are tanks don’t hate me) Stegosaurs should be more about slowing and stalling, while ankylosaurs Should be about shielding and vulnerability strikes. Hadrosaurs should just be about soaking damage stunning the opponents and getting the heck out of there. Here are some examples of what they move set and stat change could be.

Stegosaurs: speed: 109
Attack: 1,100
Health: 4,200
Armor: 25%
shielding superiority strike - deal 1x damage gain 50% shields for one turn, cleanse, opponents speed reduced by 50% for one turn

Thagomizer: deal 1.5 damage, opponents speed is reduced by 50% for 3 turns, target is vulnerable for 1 turn.

Ankylosaurus- speed: 114
Attack: 1,000
Armor: 50%
Passive immune to stuns and immune to bleed.
Move set- vulnerability strike deal one times damage, opponent is vulnerable for one turn

Club smash deal 1.5x damage target is vulnerable for this and next turn. Cool down 3

Long protection: deal 1x damage, gain 50% shields for 4 turns cool down 4

Iguanadon- speed: 112
Attack: 1,200
Health: 4,800

Move set- superiority strike: deal 1x damage, cleanse distraction, opponents speed reduced by 50% for one turn.

Greater stunning impact: deal 1.5x damage, 75% chance to stun opponents.

Strike and run: deal 1x damage, automatic swap.

Swap in in stun: gain 100% chance to stun for one turn after swapping in, bound for two turns.

You may notice that there is no mention of sauropods or pachys well I feel like the sauropods are balanced as far I see their high health low damage but able to stall for days but ya I think there find the only thing I say is to give them like maybe thick hide say it negates 25% of damages and unlike armor it can’t be bypassed. And pachys belong more with speedsters than tanks.

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It’s a Common Dino.

I believe tanks still good even after last nerf Ludia should focus on real threats like the rat and procerat
Other thing is they should make defense shatering moves less commons they are everywere now

That’s true I feel like only the best should have them since it’s super useful against tanks but it shouldn’t be on commons or rares. Plus even on epic, legendary and unique it should be there greatest attack and not the only move they should have.

Lol I’m was just using it as an example since most hadrosaurs follow that format of moves. Plus it’s does have those acts it’s regular stats except the strike and run so I’m not lying :joy:

And while ya I think there good I still believe they should get a bit of a buff ya know

I think the tanks are fine, but something I would like is to gain defensive abilities against the exchange dinosaurs.


you have a triceratops and your opponent changes with dracorex gen 2, when this happens, the triceratops activates a passive ability, blocking, reducing the damage taken by 50% or generating a counterattack, this does not affect the ability you chose that turn and is normally applied .

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Maybe could be like intimidation or like prepared stance or something that sounds cool although I do think at least ankylosaurs should get buffs since they are utterly useless since they turtle came into the game


Also still think Goring would be great for ceratopsians since they been nerfed and the meta has changed so much


I like the gore attack. You would think that stuff like Triceratops would have bleeding attacks, but they aren’t really tanks I guess

Well ya but that there design to got a protect literally like any herbivore so idk why they like we want them to all be able to swap in in stun and slow the enemy

Like if they kept the same but replaced stun with gore then they be great

Now imagine that added to monostego

Lol same with the ankylosaurs they should be able to dish out damage and yet a turtle a freaking turtle is better than all of them