Tanking your Rank to Go Down in Arenas?

I was wondering how many people and their rationale are taking on purpose to go down in the arena before the update?

Will we be surfing the arenas now for more specific incubators that we want to build hybrids from or do people not want to miss out on one-time offers?

Fought a clear tanking team today with a bunch of level 7-10s in the Ruins and obviously liked the win, but didn’t know why poeple were doing it.

I was at 4900 trophies and with the new update that would put me in the highest arena. I wouldnt have the opportunity to purchase the arena incubator so i dropped down to 3990 so when the update hits I will enter lockwood and get the chance to buy the incubator.

Biggest drive is missing out on one time offers from the arenas.

Why would people do it? Will it act any different from how it is now? Why it should be done before the update, like we will get stuck there forever if we don’t? I’m anxious now

I took the patch notes 2 ways.

  1. They wanted to spread out the access to the arenas so the top tier ones are 500 apart instead of 1000 trophies.
  2. They wanted the dinos from the incubators to be specific to hybrids components.

My only thought in them doing that is that people could then grind in the arena for the hybrid they are hoping for.

The last question is whether it will work like before where once you got to he next arena the new exclusives are just in a big pool of all the other exclusives or will it be only those dinos in the incubators (or at least higher frequency).

If you skip multiple arenas ie someone above 4500 but not 5000 yet your going to be missing out on a few one time offers…because your going right from ruins to the avairy.

This is why people are dropping… its been said ludia said there is nothing they can do and people dont wanna risk it.

I was at 3900 which will put me in ruins post update i dont wanna risk have the ota getting bugged out right after the update so i dropped to 3k.

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Yup. For the one time offers. Except it didnt happen today so now i guess we play the yoyo game but for how long.

remind me, because i’ve been in the ruins for months… how much do the one-time offers cost?

For me among the reasons for dropping arenas is easy incub farming.
Less stress. More fun.
I don’t have much money to spend on coins to keep levelling up my team to competitive levels - every 2 or 3 months - since the meta changes with every update.

Doesnt matter if you tank. U are capabale.of recieving every dino in your tier AND below. Plus the higher arena u get the more dna u get. Dropping in trophies never appealed to me. Im at 6700 and will not be dropping

I think you fought me ^.^.

Tanking ranks to get the last arena incubator from Aviary.

Is that to say people who already got 5k will not have to worry? I’m more concerned my sleep to be honest.

If you already got lockwoods offer it might he a non issue however we havent recieved any kind of official word that the offers will pop up when the update goes live so if you havent gotten the avairys one time offer its something to think about.

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And then there’s me, that I’ve been stuck in sorna forever and I’m tanking my trophies above 3500 so after the update I’ll be thrown into the ruins bc I don’t care about one time offers :joy:

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I wasn’t impressed with the one time offer for Lockwood, have since dropped back into Ruins and will stay there… to find myself in Aviary tomorrow. So I won’t get the offer, but that’s fine with me - I just reached level 20 and got the (much better) offer for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really don’t understand the new Arena arrangement… I’m at 4.9+k trophies at the moment, so, theoretically, that would put me in Aviary, together with players in the 50+k trophy range. Obviously, I will be getting my rear end kicked repeatedly, until I end up in an Arena appropriate for my level… Should be quite frustrating… Unless Ludia decides to fiddle around with trophy counts, prior to introducing the new system…

Youll be ok till the seasonal pvp hits and trophies are reset… even then most of the top people will only be dropped to 5500

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Yep same here. Dont care about the offers either. Only fight for incubators and thats only to unlock more of my dinodex.

The tourneys just make that harder to do. If there was a option to sit out the tourney and just do regular arenas, I would totaly skip the tourney.

There is only.a +/- 450 trophy range for matching battles regardless of arena

For instance im nearly 6800 so i can only match people up to 7250 and as low as 6350