Tanks are oop


Who else feels that the new boosts to tanks makes them way too good? Trex at lvl 15 having extreme issues fighting anything these days something is wrong if epic anti tank option can’t scratch a tank without having to get lucky on crit maybe need to increase Rex damage so the one bite he gets in before being killed can actually kill a tank!? either that or increase Rex health to something around where allosaurus is!!! Also who else is frustrated by stegoceratops that constant stuns. It is way more frustrating than being repeat pounced by a raptor team any day as it only takes one dino and 0 skill to do. if the stun rates where as low as they indicate I would not have stegocero getting average 4 free attacks while enemy stunned in battle. Not fun to use and not fun to face


So… I wanna notice, they didn’t give T-rex :t_rex: any balance change in ver.1.3.
T-rex is just the same as before, even though other dinos got dramatically altered.


Yeah it sucks the icon of Jurassic Park can’t do much in current meta even though he designed to counter all tanks or at least was


I have replaced Dimetrodon and Gorgosuchus by two tanks, slow every 2 turns and counterattack are very OP for now. Glad to see the end of this stupid raptor meta.


Did TRex get a crit boost, or was she always 30%?

Unfortunately it’s a pendulum swing. Whiners complained about Raptors being op so they got nerfed and tanks got upgraded. Now people will complain about tanks, and to correct that there will be something else to complain about. Maybe TRex and the like will be next.

I dropped my pyro for my lvl 15 stegosaurus, which is ridiculous, but when every move slows, and her cleans basically makes her immune, who could say no? I thought I’d have to overhaul my whole team, but that was the biggest change.


They could have avoided all the complaining if they’d just given Raptors a longer cooldown or no switch reset. Thats what most people wanted, no one asked for stronger tanks, everyone was fine with how tanks were, this was supposed to be a “balancing” but all they did was destroy Raptors and trex. There is no reason a rex even on a crit cant destroy a tank. A stego SHOULD NOT be able to take a rex out in one shot. This happened to someone I was fighting. I pulled out my tank against a rex and I was the one that was upset. And doesnt this cleanse kind of defeat the purpose of MOST other dinos now? So many have buff counters and yet they seem to have become pointless.


T-rex just keep that 30% crit chance she got before. Also status doesn’t got any change.

The other non-changed dinos are:
Secodontosaurus. Cocavenator. Stygimoloch. Sinoceratops. Triceratops. Majundasuchus. T-rex Gen2.
Allosaurus. Tanycolagreus. Numdasuchus. Triceratops Gen2. Majungasaurus. Lythronax.
Tarbosaurus (Yes, it’s me.)

So, you can find out that all the Rexy type dinos (T-rex, T-rex Gen2, Gorgo, Allo,Tarbo), only Gorgo got a slightly nerf on atk, others doesn’t alter anything.

Due to it seems will be tank era now, I thought while players complain tanks are too op, they might got some chance to buff.:joy:

But the gap between Unique/Legend and the lower 3 classes might keep enlarge, as you can see they let Unique/Legend hybrids become almost monsters, and only could able to counter by other Unique/Legend monsters.:thinking:


I keep seeing people say Rex is suffering but although she could use a health boost this update has been entirely good for her.

There are no tanks that can defend against her properly, and the reduction of Raptors means she sees play much more often; she’s been personally responsible for almost half my wins yesterday, as she makes an excellent finisher.


Tragodistis is so powerful with new invinsible move for 2turna damn


Tank meta will be boring. Slow, drawn out slug-fests that will make a match take forever. Not very exciting :neutral_face:


I was almost getting to the next level 2000 for the next arena…
Now I have lost every game.
I will reload this picture of a battle I lost with this Dino having no health left I’m doing pictures of people who I have played against after the games and loading them up to shame them. Level 3 Dino versus my 13 epic. I did 67 damage the level 3 common doing just over 3000 damage. I play the game players are having 6 goes to my one. With little affect, the picture is from another game. Just showing the cheats or bots that the computer is generated to make players losing. I don’t mind losing but this is taking the losing beyond stupid


That’s not a dino with no health left, that’s a damage preview.

You have to use the skill for it to go to 0.


The funny thing about this tank meta is that the Euco, best armor in the game, and she cannot do terribly much at all due to her health being negligible to SUPPORT that armor and her moves are mostly irrelevant because damn near everything has a cleanse. Stego is faster, has better utility, AND a cleanse.

Okay, so we can argue hybrids and I don’t have any of them yet but I’m willing to bet it’s more or less parallel.


tanks are fine, at most they could use having damage reduced a little maybe. tank killers like rex need a hp boost. tank killers still lose to raptors. raptors lose to tanks. but tank killers have a hard time vs tanks simply because they have only slightly more damage than a tank and way less hp. maybe make tank killers all immune to slows and slightly faster than tanks and they would be fine.


No problem at all, just need some armor (schattering) attack dino’s. Combined with increase attack and critical it easy enough. Try differend thinks and sellect your own good working team!

You’r welcome :sauropod::dragon_face:


Too bad Megalosuchus lost denfense shattering. :frowning:


Aawh thats unlucky, T-Rex had added by the second one also schattering impact ///


megalosuchus never had it. they didnt touch its abilities this patch, only buffed its component gorgosuchus.


Thanks for clarifying the misinformation. Then envy Gorgo’s new move.


Too many buffs to tanks, nothing to anti tanks. Half my team is useless and nothing is high enough level to switch out.