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Tany common?


I have reinstated level 18 Tanycolagreus in my fighting team, because I have seen him being used by the top guns… Problem is, I haven’t seen one around for over two months… Anyone having better luck?


Tany used to be real common but it’s getting rare these days. Fought a few too but didn’t find it anything special so didn’t evolve it, meaning I got loads of tany dna…like 40K. Fast but without armor and mediocre health unless it is a high level dino. Has the Nullifying Impact move though. I find that the coins are better employed on other dinos.


Atm is a good counter to indoraptor etc bbut i didnt overlevel mine cause sure they will nerf him


I see a few now and then. It’s not like my area is swimming in them, though.

Good luck!


Now they spawn near green supply drops at day / night / dusk:

I have my tany ready to level up to 19 but as @Tronkun609 said, I won’t do it before the new patch release. They even change the speed of some dinos in the past, so I don’t want to invest 30.000 coins if she will be nerfed (and I pray for not doing this) cause she is in my team due to her speed. Slow Tany would be an easy kill.



That’s why I didn’t bothered with Tany. When I fight against them, I’ll slow them down to get two hits in and that usually finishes them off in quick time. My lvl 18 Dilorano is good against Tany below lvl 20. First I take the 1st hit from Tany. Then I put out the s/strike to slow it down & the distracting impact to finish it off. Even if the Tany survives, I only need to withstand a 50% hit before finishing it.


Yes of course you don’t need to spam her like Rambo as first dino, I use her as second or third dino to surprise the opponents who put out an Indominus Rex late in the fight or to finish a tank if I already lost one dino,


I find as many t-sex gen2 as I found her nowadays. Good counter against indo but, she is more easily countered. If you aim at a huge trophy status, better off replacing her with a monomimus, one’s playstyle more similar to but does better and well-rounded