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Tany the common capable of killing uniques

Boosted tany seems to be the bane of erlindominus and indoraptor, even magna. I love having Tany.


Yeah, its op for a common

Reason I love Tany, i dont have her hybrid yet but she does a good job, only uniques kill her easily are Thor,Tenonto or a tank but shell do serious damage before going down with the exception of Tryko.


bizarre boost meta :sob:
why don’t max and boost velociraptor too?

Tempting, did come across a player that had a boosted lvl 30 raptor, mines only 24 its got speed but hp not so good but might do it after i get indomus 30 and indo 30.Even with boosts velociraptor not as bulky as Tany but can be a good one shotter with pounce against Dracoceratops.

I like Tany loved that dino. And now I am very much in love with Orion. Its situational and tactical. But it can do some dmg in the meta. However I think it could use a small buff as it suffers against chompers…


They created a really good dino and as soon it was launched to arena it was almost killed.

swap In dodge and step aside along all evasive movements are dead.

Ok, I uses it against a Thor when already used it against my other dino.

It still receives 33% of damage. Next turn if DSR is active on Thor it will be dead without opportunity to use Nulifying Rampage.


Thor is a problem for every dino lol. At least the side step provides small hope against Thor. Plus I swap in dodge on the rat with it. And obliterate all the erlidoms xD

I side step against tryko and dio also. Since they’re likely to use there instant moves I risk it. Till I can land the rampage.

But yeah the dodge nerf and things like that effected there new dino. Which was weird and unorganized.

However, the dino still proves some relevance and I love it way too much to not use it :slight_smile:


It is really relevant. I luckyly had lot of the birds DNA so could create Zor and level it to 22.

It was a great improvement on my team since I do not have utarinex, diloracheirus and other important meta dinos.

I can handle a big variety of dinos (not always Thor or tryko) but it is still fragile.

When using SIA on this chicken you always get risked to be DC one shooted on next turn. It is locked and 33% of damage received

Mine is +4000 HP but if a Thor or Indoraptor crits… It is still a big amount of health.

Sorry if you find mistakes… Swaping between Spanish and English in the smartphone…


Oh I can understand. And yeah it’s become one of my favorite dinos right now a top 3 unique favorite for me. Love its design too. I just leveled it to 24 today.

It deserves a small buff somehow not exactly sure. But it could use something. The dodge nerf compensation.


Not sure Orion needs a compensation for dodge nerf over indo, indom or erlik who are all far worse off

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Wow! That Tany is the queen of all Tanys. :star_struck:


I’ve taken a few Thors down with my one


But Tany I love her she’s pretty awesome for a common


thor is not a problem for every dino. Utar, Dilo and magna do a good job as a counter … Utar really does.


Yes I know Thor is not as tough once the dinos to counter it are up at team level. But most Thors are overboosted/overleveled. So even if its distracted it puts a big enough hit on a dino to send DC the rat in.

So in that manner, Thor is always an issue. I find magna works pretty well against Thor also but not when the usual is to just send DC in after a chomp.

Also I just wiped an entire team out with Orion after being 0-2 Orion made the come back. Erlidom lvl 24, Thor lvl 26, and DC lvl 27… lvl 24 Dilorach was injured. Situational because Orions moveset was just on the right momentum. And I did side step when Thor did insta stun ensuring my speed was higher then all. And they had no chance heh.

I need to think that through what’s the best way to get Orions moveset on the right momentum.

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I’m always referring to dinos of the same lvl.

Thank you, I put alot of hard work on her.

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Imagine a strike event like Lord Lythrox but instead behold Queen Tanycolagreus with same attack and speed stats as mine but immune with orions moves add in instand distraction?


Good old Lord Lythronax! :rofl: That strike event is why I leveled this abomination, and the possibility of even more difficult strikes is why I continue to level it. It delivered the final blow on LL, and is probably the reason I won it on my first attempt.

Notice I haven’t wasted a single boost on it though. I’ll wait until they actually have a strike so difficult that regular boosted dinos can’t win it. Until then it stays OFF my team!