Tanycolagreus is better than V-Raptor Prove Me Wrong


Guys everyone complains about and uses the V raptor but I traded him out for the Tany. With his armor ignore, and higher attack and health he can do a ton more damage. While his second attack only does 1.5 damage while V raptors pounce does 2 damage, that’s made up for because Tany has such higher attack. Plus the extra health makes up for the minus .5 that pounce makes your opponent do. Tany is faster than anything that isn’t V raptor, and that doesn’t matter because I counter raptors with Stegos not another raptor type.


I think the same but I still haven’t found even one tanycolagreus in the wild which annoys me.


Agreed. They just dont pop up enough where I am. I’ve had mine since day one and i got it up to level 8 but then they stopped appearing.


tany has exact same attack as veliciraptor, just only has 1.5x move instead of 2x. its weaker damage dealer, but has about 50% more hp. its better vs tanks though for sure.


LOL I was on a road trip yesterday, and they’re everywhere on interstate 65 northbound. Tanys, Tanys everywhere!


Maybe I need to take a road trip and get my tany up then so I can have both raptor and that so I have a chance against they ptp bot like things I keep going up against. :sweat_smile:


They were all hanging out in open farmland, maybe 20+ miles outside city limits. There were a few that were close enough to try for, but as we were doing 75 mph, it was pretty much a no-go. Every time I tried zapping a dino that was close, I would get very reduced battery, and Chris Pratt reminding me to not play and drive.


I’ve been hitting U-raptors all night, so far. It’s weird, I never see this many at once.


Funny I’ve never seen a u raptor. But I changed my meta to use both Tany and V raptor and when I get them both together it’s a deadly combo


I run up against Tanys in the arena a lot. Now maybe it’s because I’m up against bots, or maybe it’s just that the other player hasn’t figured out the right combination yet, but I can usually one-hit a Tany with any of the dinos on my team.

By themselves, they’re not too sturdy. But combined with a V-raptor or U-raptor, they’re dynamite.


Haven’t seen one yet.


I would prefer to play both than replace the V-Rap. You counter V-Rap with other dinosaurs, but your opponent counter your tanny with nearly the same and also the V-Rap due to higher speed.


Yeah I switched to have both in, and pretty much the guy used thagomizer on the raptor, so I switched in the Tany and pretty much the game was over from there.