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Tanycolagreus needs nerf


In the spirit of the forum where some players seems to like nerfing every legendary dino they cannot beat (for goodness sake they r legendaries what u expect? U think it’s fair only if a Toyota can beat a Ferrari?) I want Tany to be nerf.

I fought a lvl 20 Tany n it’s almost like the raptor era all over again. Swap in n kill a half hp dino then swap out. Rinse n do it again when the swap in dino dies.

Oh n while we r at that let’s nerf all the unique dinos cos u know in JWA, Ferrari equivalent dinos shouldn’t be able to beat Toyotas


Finally a common beside Allo that can put up a fight at higher levels. Trust me when I tell you we need more commons that can put up decent fights. Tany is a great counter to the nasty evasion dinos, and can put up a fight against quite a few uniques as an exuctioner.


Woah, it’s almost like you should use one of its many counters!


or read the forum!

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Nah I’m just kidding. Kinda getting irritated by all those nerf threads that I see almost everyday


I stole this from @Hersh. 5FD5126B-F470-4AE2-92E5-A7E2A51114BE
Please stop with the fake “Nerf” threads. The real ones are bad enough. edit: I do get your point though, but it will only add fuel to the fire


Lol did I miss this thread ?

Haha, thanks for covering for me! @MagicFingers


I got your back man.

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Team work makes the dream work :sunglasses::sweat_smile:

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He should be netfed a little, oraz other commons should be buffed, he is this silent guy who avoided every single nerf, raptors were nerfed to the ground, he remained where he was and he is op


I like the fact that a Common, Rare or Epic can compete with Legendary and Unique. I think it gives the average player a shot at something worthy of leveling as they play.

Face it, most of us will never have a team of higher level Legendary and many of us will never have any Unique Dinos. We just do not have time or luck to find the ingredients.

I have been paying since the AMC Theatre Epic incubator came out and my Indom is only level 18. What chance do I have of ever getting an Indo? Many of my Epic ingredient Dino’s are still not or just at level 15, how am I going to find enough DNA to do anything with them?

But, we do find a lot of Tany, Tarbo, Apto, Stego, Iguana… Let us do something with the DNA we do have available for us.

I say buff more Commons!!!


She is not OP… unless you have the DNA to over-level it… just like any other dino. They already did nerf her by making her DNA much harder to obtain… just like they just did with stegod.


True, it still takes a ton of game play to get enough DNA to level her enough. Tany is a one trick pony too. It isn’t like you are going to open with it and run someone’s team.


Tany doesn’t need to be nerfed she’s fine as she is… Now stop whinging

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2 months later…

Indos hp buff was a nerf to tany


After weekend its time for nerf threads. Sadly, JWA isn’t PoGo, to get everything served. It’s like PoGo was in early days one big tough grind. :grin::grinning:

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This link doesn’t work.


Probably because this whole thread is 2 months old. Why dig this out?

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Tany still destroys indo


Only when overleveled.

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