Tanystropheus ( Sea Monsters )

Authors Note:
Before I begin I just want to say thank you so much for waiting, it has been a long time since I’ve written once of these. Its either I don’t have time, or just busy with other things that I’m too lazy to take a screenshot :upside_down_face: I’m really sorry to keep you all waiting :sweat_smile:

Now, on with the show !

This long - legged reptile was shown walking on the seafloor area, with Nigel pulling its tail and it having a similar reaction to that of lizards.

Tier: Legendary ( Normal )

Class: Surface, New Animation


Level 10
HP - 347
Attack - 317

Level 20
HP - 598
Attack - 554

Level 30
HP - 785
Attack - 734

HP - 957
Attack - 925

Beware this Triassic walkathon on the sea floor reefs, he can deal a nasty bite even with disadvantage!
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Fun fact: I thought this creature was already in game but mistook it for Styxosaurus :sweat_smile:

Here is the vote though:

  • Odonobenocetops
  • Stethacanthus
  • Cetotherium

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As you can see these creatures some of you may never hear of, it means we are close to finishing this series :grimacing:


When i first saw tanystropheus in sea monsters i thought he was a plesiosaur with legs

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Mamenchisaurus : i have the longest neck
Tanystropheus : hold my fish

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Animal facts :

  1. Tanystropheus has one the longest neck of all animals
  2. Tanystropheus was capable of living on land and in the sea
  3. Juviniles had once been thought to be a different species
  4. An adult tanystropheus could have reached 6 meters
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I think tanystropeus would be more suited as an amphibian

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Hold my fish, you are-----

The guy with the almost unpronounceable name lol :joy:

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Disagree, it would be fun to see it in the water walking on the seabed

It would make a good surface

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