It would absolutely be my honor that you add this dinosaur to the game which is an Amphibian and the name for this Dinosaur is TANYSTROPHEUS and can you also add a new animation to this Dinosaur because it has a very long neck so I am very excited about what this Dinosaur will look like and what it’s animation would be. Why I want this Dinosaur is because it is one of my favorites and it would be a huge honor that this particular Dinosaur will be in my number 1 favorite game. But of course, it is your choice if you want to add it or not but if you did it would be one of my favorite parts about your game.


Vote in my polls and it might win I can create stats for it, it’s pretty unlucky so far

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I do a series of Files on the creatures that could or would come out!
Your idea may be included in the future!

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Idk about a new animation. They’ll probably make it aquatic with the plesiosaur animation.

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Thank you so much!


Btw welcome to the forum ! @DINOS

oh ok thanks for telling me.


Thank you.

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This creature looks quite strange I got to say. But if it was added new animation would appear I think. For me it could appear in game but what type it is going to be?


Reef or Surface, Surface most likely but Reef is a more stronger cause as it walks on the seabed

I am pretty sure it is an Amphibian.

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But I am pretty sure it’s an Amphibian.

It is going to be an Amphibian type.

It is a reptile

Look it up if you want to