Tap first shouldn't be a thing, change my mind

I be been playing since June, I am about 3900 trophies and enjoy the PvP of the game. It wasnt till September that I knew about the same speed whomever presses the action first goes first mechanics since it was never explained in the tutorial or anywhere else in game. I had assumed it became a random RNG based function where each player has a 50% chance to go first.

The reason that I think it should be RNG and not first to tap is that more that who taps first it’s who knows about the tap first and who has a better internet connection. For a game based on mobile it doesn’t seem fair that someone on WiFi would go first compared to someone on their mobile data.


I’m not opposed to the tap first mechanic as I feel the game does not need any more RNG in it’s current state, but you bring up a very good point that it should definitely be mentioned during the tutorial. I definitely didn’t know it was a thing for a while after I started playing as well.


Yeah, brought this up some months ago, because I was consistently playing second, whereupon I was told that I was too slow… Internet connection speed is one issue, but that is not not my biggest concern… My major problem is that I am 59 years old, trying to outrun 15-year-old kids…


It should be a 50/50. I’ve recently found out that my phone is slower than it should be so I’m always having the disadvantage.

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coin flip maybe? or rock paper scissors perhaps??


well back then it was rock club leaf…


I’m on the fence about this since I do understand that there are things that players can’t account for (older phone, patchy Internet, older player, etc), but at the same time I don’t like the idea of RNG being the go to fix for this. The game is already infested with RNG mechanisms, I don’t like the idea of adding another one.

Someone once suggested that as your dinos took damage, their abilities became less reliable, i.e the percentage chance of an ability succeeding (cloak/evasion/stun etc) decreased. Perhaps something along those lines could work? The dino with the higher health (therefore the one with the most fight remaining) goes first.


I agree with OP. My mobile and/or internet always made me go second regardless of I press hard and first and game shows other person still thinking but still other person goes first.

So not sure why game/server still tells they are thinking etc.

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I can’t change your mind.

When first entering the Arena, first two Dino’s, it should be the person who chose which Dino to go in first. If I pick mine within a second and the other person takes 10 seconds to decide, I should go first.

For same level dino entering the Arena during a battle, it should be the person entering as they just lost a round and the opposing Dino, as pointed out above, is weakened already. It usually works out that way anyway because the person choosing their next Dino already knows it is the same level so will be tapping like mad.

From then on it is by turns, not who gets a better connection to tap faster. That sucks.

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if it’s an android, go into settings>applications and load the specs for your various apps. this will be time consuming but worth it. when in an app setting, tap on storage. if it says you can change storage, move larger apps to the SD card. This will have the effect of freeing up boatloads of internal memory.

Also, consider a free memory booster like DU memory … tap that app (it puts a shortcut on your home screen) and clean memory before loading your game.

That’ll be 50 bucks for the tech support, LOL

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There are a lot of criteria before it goes down to this … I have no problem with it … despite being terrible at hitting the button first …

if thats the case, then all matches will start with deus vs deus since thats the easiest to decide. what you are asking is to scrap the idea that the dino that goes first is higher cp or faster and make it so that whoever picks the first dino goes first regardless the attributes… thats not correct imo.

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Not at all. I am saying IF both chose the same dino at the same level, the first one to pick goes first, otherwise it goes by the established hierarchy.

I have three that are my first go, in order of if they are chosen for the team. I take a quick look and if first choice is there I pick it, if 1st is not there pick the second and so on. It takes me a second to decide. Stego is none of them. I like my opener, versatile, and then decide on the second in the arena depending on how the battle is going. I usually get the first kill so know what I will be facing so can make a wise choice.

I have had opponents make the same pick as mine and they were the same level, then it was a tap fest even though I waited 5 or more seconds for them to decide.

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Re-read my post, I was not clear on that, sorry!

Thanks. Good suggestions, but I meant that I have an older phone and although the game runs fine otherwise I find that it lags when choosing my starting dinosaurs in Arena and I have to wait for the countdown and take the first one on the left. When I raised this with Ludia support they contacted me back and told me about the issue with my phone. Hopefully I can upgrade soon to something more modern.

Well I finally got to go first for the very first time just now. Can’t imagine anybody having worse luck (or internet connection) than myself.

I agree with the initial post. In fact I’ve asked myself what tutorial? I almost do not remember having a tutorial and most important things I learned from experience because there was no manual. I did not learn this speed until I read a post here. Another example is that until I learned that until you shoot the first dart does not start counting the time, I lost a lot of DNA.

What I propose is that:

  • If the two rivals give the button in a small margin, for example, two seconds, it is the RNG who decides who hits.

  • On the other hand, if there are more differences, be the first one who clicked who triggers first.

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That seems like a good way to implement it.