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Tap & Hold To Enter Strike Towers & Sanctuaries

Can you make it where we have to tap and hold a second before entering a sanctuary or a strike tower?

I can’t tell you how annoying it is to accidentally tap one when you’re trying to get a supply drop.

I’ve suggested making strike towers turn into supply drops once completed like treasure chest do. But this could work as well.


How about when I’m done with one sanctuary, and ready to do more sanctuary stuff… we don’t get kicked straight to the main map screen , and have to re-click social, and re-click sanctuaries…but instead back to the social page, or stay on the sanctuary page in the first place?


@BrontosaurusRex Shared Sanctuaries - Scroll To View Dinos Before Going Inside

yep. choosing something you want in map is getting worse every update.
supply x dino spawned x tower x sanctuary… specially with dinos spawning too close other items. and owen advertisements.

this WHEN my touch works:

What would be even more nice is if sanctuaries weren’t always directly adjacent to strike towers. That would be super helpful. That way, we aren’t constantly opening a sanctuary by accident when we’re trying to get to a strike tower, event dino, treasure chest, supply drop, etc. There’s a sanctuary right up against two extremely close drops that I hit commonly, and when they rotate through different events and stuff, it’s a pain to get at whatever they’re holding because of the sanctuary. Right now, one of them has a Koolasuchus event drop, and I cant reach the dinosaur because it’s so small/low to the ground and so close to the sanctuary.

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