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Tapjoy 100% Weekend

So, I figured I’d give it a day, but is the 100% Tapjoy weekend working for anyone? Still seeing the old unimproved offers.

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Yeah. Also see the old like you. Wanted finally complete some tapjoy offers since i was waiting a long time for double rewards and now its not working… @Ned

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Same here, no increased offers at all this weekend

Sometimes this happens - the announcement says Tapjoy 50% or 100% awards, and it doesn’t actually show up on the offers. Usually when it happens, the error lasts the entire weekend.

So pretty much it is likely there won’t be a 100% Tapjoy bonus this weekend at all. Keep waiting for the next one…

I accepted a 1.5x offer a few weeks ago and it only paid out 1x and they declined my ticket saying simply “congratulations you’ve already been rewarded for this offer”. Normally they’re pretty good about fixing their mistakes as long as you request and stay on them but they’re getting ridiculous

Tapjoy not running its advertised 100% bonus weekend, can Ludia at least take down the Tapjoy ad for 100% . Misleading and annoying at this point. @Jorge @Ned

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Hey everyone, thanks for letting us know about this! Our team will be sure to look into this to see what may be happening.