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Tapjoy always been this sketchy or does this represent a new low?


Suggestion: don’t use hard cash offers to entice your player base (customers) into borrowing money online or taking up online gambling. Not cool.


Probably wouldnt get your 3 cash after completing it anyway. :roll_eyes:


@MementoMori isnt gambling is allowed by ludia ? Like opening some premium incubator or betting in RNG :rofl:

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It’s always been sketchy and a little questionable to me. I do the game offers, but stay well away from anything else.


Lol, this is true. That’s what makes it such dirty pool to me. They already know full well that we must have a proclivity for these things. I almost added something in the original post about JWA already being more than enough of a casino for us all


The only ones that never work for me are the survey ones. I’ve done a lot of “reach this level” ones and always got the reward. I also did one of the monthly shave club ones because I had been meaning to try one of those out in real life anyway, and got the game cash reward.

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I signed up for razors a few months back and remember seeing alcohol delivery subscriptions. Didn’t think that was all that bad, but seeing these two make me feel icky about Tapjoy on a whole new level.


Yeah, the razor one a few others like the food box service don’t seem horrible. But all of the “answer three questions about pokemon” type ones are an endless line of pages full of ads with next buttons and no end. After falling for that one, I avoid anything click-baity.


I had a read an article offer never pay me a couple months back which left a bad taste in my mouth and I hadn’t been back until today. Now that my holiday bundle cash is all dried up and I’ve got that itch that only more in game currency can scratch, I decided to take a look. Conclusion:
take out $5K online loan + bet it all on online horses = double profit?


The last time I completed anything tapjoy…


Smell something like RNG in that survey if you pass all of it will you got cash or not ? :rofl:

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Tapjoy uses cloak


That just makes me feel even more disgusted. Anyone ever see that movie “Boiler Room?” That’s the vibe I’m getting from this.

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Is it a metapor or something is boiled in it on the movie ?


@Hybari_Kyoya no, it’s about a small outfit of telemarketers running stock market scam on people over the phone. I’m thinking of a scene with an office completely cleared out overnight, empty of everything except the phones left on the floor.


It’s super effective.

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I’ve run into tapjoy on other games in the past. It is the equivalency of a shark salesman telling you they are giving you a great deal but really they are making massive amounts of back end money by conning you into spending in other games or on other products with variable contracts attached to them.
The smaller open app and play tutorials are mainly there because those apps are desperate for new players to raise their awareness, boost ratings, and bring in more players as many drop off radically because of those app game dynamics.
I did the final fantasy one for this game and honestly it is impossible to attain the citadel level they want you to achieve to get the cash in this game without spending at least $25 in that game.
For this reason when I went into that game it was mainly a plethora of started and immediately abandoned structures with a few super high level actual players who invested massive amounts of money into that game just like those people in this game who own the top.
Tapjoy is definitely a STAY AWAY RED FLAG system.
Oh BTW I am not dogging out people who pay to play. I pay to play a lot in games I enjoy too.:slight_smile:


Their are plenty of good tap joy offers… but any game offer that gives more then 1k is most likely a monthlong investment.

I perfer the 500-800 offers they can be done in a reasonable time without money… ive earned close to 5k hard cash in my time playing doing these smaller offers.


Well I did an offer yesterday for Postmates for 3920 HC… And today it would’ve been 5880… Never any kind of warning that things like these are happening in game, Tapjoy or Ludia sales…


This one is a real beaut :ok_hand: