Tapjoy came through

So, I figured it only fair to give props to Tapjoy since I’ve criticized them previously. I sent an email with a screenshot about two surveys not working. About 24 hours later, I have 300 or so gems in my wallet. This has not happened before. I’m happy with this.

Anyway, this gives me hope that maybe - maybe? - there’s a new business model with the company.

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I’ve completed 3 reward, marked as failures. I’ve opened 3 support tickets and they closed them marking them as “spam”. No email details, no response on socials. So you either have been lucky or I’ve been not…

I’ve had good success with Tapjoy. In the 8 or 9 rewards Ive earned I’ve need to request with a screenshot about half the time.
I’m currently waiting on one for about 800 gems and I kind of like having a mission for what are typically mindless games (match 3, slot machines or solitaire).

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