Tapjoy Chik-Fil-A $100 Gift card

So I need to do one more thing to get 224 Dino cash. One of them would cost my $1.00 and another would be the hassle of setting up a free trial. But the offer says I would also get a $100 CFA gift card?

What’s the catch?

You would have to accept two offers that are piggy backed onto it. Then after that, you jump through even more hoops by entering your personal info. I think it is not worth doing offers like that because you are not guaranteed the reward. I know from experience and to me it is a social engineering thing.

Thanks. I had done a couple in the 50-100 Dinocash range and received about half of them. Thought I would try this one. So basically, the “last necessary step” is picking an item that looks easy, but has a couple other costly steps attached to it.

The quizzes are borderline false advertising.

“ANSWER THREE EASY QUESTIONS” turns into thirty questions, and then you need 100% correct answers to qualify, and even if you DO answer every question correctly, they tell you you only got 90% correct.

By the time you get done, it’s been 45 minutes of sifting through their advertising and you have nothing to show for it.

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I understand this completely. I sometimes get really annoyed with the quizzes sometimes because what I find is that the correct answer is not always the right answer according to the quiz results. I’m dealing with one of those right now. I wrote to support about it.

Plus they always manage to throw in some confusing math questions on the “easy quizzes” to discourage you even more. :rage:

What? You need to get them all correct? That figures because when I see a mutiple choice ABCD and I know the answer is A, sometimes I fail to notice the answers are listed in a different order like BADC.

There are some rare quizzes where it will reward you by the percentage that you get right, but most of them have to be 100 percent. I’m wondering if the ones that I actually get right are programmed on purpose to be “wrong” so I’m never guaranteed 100. :thinking: