Tapjoy did not honor reward Edit: Still not resolved to my satisfaction

Edit: Reward has been awarded, situation resolved by emailing Tapjoy after they initially denied my customer service request.

I fulfilled the requirements, tapjoy refused to honor the reward.
Pics attached.

I’m not sure what other proof, besides a hours long video (which isn’t going to happen), I could possibly provide.

If tapjoy is going to be in the habit of not honoring rewards, Lidia should not be affiliated with them.

What a slimy company, all their responses for customer support just place blame on the advertisers/company that you are completing the requirements with, in this case, CookieJam!


Tapjoy came to BBB’s attention in August 2008. A review of the company was done in May 2019. Complaints on file state that consumers complete offers in exchange for virtual rewards for games, however, sometimes the rewards are not received. Consumers also state they have difficulty getting in contact with customer service.

I’m sorry to hear that, DragonHunter. If you could reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your Tapjoy case ID and the email address you used to contact Tapjoy, our team could look into it for you.

Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

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Will do, Thanks Ned!

Got the response from Ludia support, telling me to contact Tapjoy support for help.
I guess that Ludia support didn’t bother reading my email in which I explained tapjoy denied my request, including screenshots of the denial email, along with screenshots showing proof I did in fact complete the actions necessary to get the reward.
It’s cool, I’m pretty sure I know my next steps. They involve a lot of work, but I don’t appreciate getting ignored. There are plenty of people in the same boat as me.

They never do, when I started playing over a year and a half ago it was working, but then when I tried again some time later, I never got anything for playing their silly games… it’s all just a big scam now

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I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt, but whoever handled your case originally may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed. Seeing 101 and not connecting the dots. Weather that is the game support or tapjoy.

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well, it did say BEAT level 100…


Ludia can’t help me, as Tapjoy has final say.

Meh, if you can’t help, get rid of Tapjoy.

Doubt I’m using it ever again

Oh, my.

Ten characters.

In before the ban.

Four days ago TapJoy stated they will credit my account within 24 hours.

Hasn’t happened yet.

Tapjoy issued credit, Ludia lost it.
Ball is now in Ludia’s court.

I’d post the email between myself and Tapjoy, but that’s apparently against the rules, unlike all the other emails I posted above…I guess.

Had a problem recently that’s led to me playing substantially less - check this juicy offer out


Here was the “resolution” to more than 3 weeks of daily play, several hours a day



It is a shame what Ludia is doing with us players.

After the effort on playing these Tapjoy offers, if there is a problem, Ludia sticks to terms and conditions stating “this is a 3rd party app, I don’t want to know anything”.

At least that is what they told me via mail when I wrote several times for help as Tapjoy didn’t want to reward me. Tapjoy was not telling the truth and Ludia support threatened me to stop complaining because it was not their problem…

Since when a company which introduces an app/third party offer is not responsible of the tricks and manipulations inside the platform?

If Ludia is not going to help JWA players when Tapjoy steals our hard cash it is better to stop collaboration with Tapjoy.


This is actually a recent change in regards to Ludia… I dont know when this policy was implemented but i know in the past Ludia used to give the hardcash when Tapjoy didnt.

Maybe many people had stopped using real money in the game and now Ludia is strongly sticking to terms and conditions without taking into account that this behavior could be harmful for Ludia.

If people start suffering Tapjoy refusing to reward and Ludia doesn’t help at all, people will use less and less Tapjoy.

In my case, I lost almost 10k HC with King of Avalon for the allegedly same reasons @Wrothgar1 states in his mails and screenshot.

It was no use showing the following to Ludia:

  • 3 in game micro transactions of KOA.
  • the screen shot that showed the offer was running OK at the beginning.

What was Ludia’s answer?


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Oh i agree… i stopped using tapjoy for that reasons combined with Ludia gets money from tapjoy and no money from me…

I feel like the whole tapjoy economy is set up in a way the leads to many variables… advertising would rather not pay so they look for a way out… tapjoy would rather not pay so it looks for a way out as well. Ludia doesnt want to give out hardcash on their dime. Everyones looking for a way out but the person who does the offer… there just looking for someone to pay them.

It seems to have gotten worse since apple started enforcing their “paid downloads” policy cutting ios users off from game offers and significantly impacting tapjoys business. Some game developers used to make 6 figures a day from tapjoy… but that revenue is now half that with the ios market.

Edit: your gonna get moderated for posting an email from Ludia. They dont like people posting their emails.

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I am always moderated for things like these. If they things other way I wouldn’t have to post this.

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Turns out ANY email is against the rules.

They removed my email from TapJoy that was just between myself and tapjoy.

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We do not allow private conversations to be posted - this has been a rule on the forums for over a year guys.