Tapjoy did not honor reward Edit: Still not resolved to my satisfaction

But then, how can we publicly show our disappointment with Ludia’s decisions? It is not fair for us being denied over and over again by email and not being able to defense ourselves because of forum censoring…

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You can talk about how you are upset, you can give a brief synopsis of your interaction but you can not do quotes or post screenshots.

There are tons of ways (that many of your fellow forums users have employed) to speak out about an issue you are having without breaking forum rules.

Ok, will do like that.


Tapjoy denied my request saying they approved it, but essentially Ludia lost it. I need to go through ludia.

Contacted Ludia, they are contacting TapJoy to follow up with the issue, and they’ll get back to me when tapjoy comes up with a resolution.

I sense Ludia circular filed this one.

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I don’t understand why Ludia doesn’t just fork it over.
They know you’ve completed it, they know you didn’t get the reward, and it costs them absolutely nothing.
What’s the problem with actually having good customer service?
Almost seems like they are toying with you.


Well, I have been a critic of the decisions made with this game, and some of the rules of the forum.

There’s that.

A business needs critics, yes men do no one any favors.

Ok. In short I was cheated out of 27,000 hard cash. I have proof. They, tapjoy, wont help.

As a result I barely play jwa anymore.

Your not alone …I did all the same thing 2 times and they said same thing .so i wasted 2 weeks .not worth the trouble to do it any more.

27K HC? Wow. would’ve been an amazing offer, if ya know, they paid out.
good luck in getting an acceptable resolution.

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Thanks. They already answered (twice) stating they wont pay.

Yeah theyd rather lose players that earn them revenue the handing out some digital goods that have no value outside their game.

Anyone who does Tapjoy earns Ludia revenue and it can be serious money… when Ios closed its doors to payed downloads I read an article stating some games developers earn 6 figures a day from tapjoy… thats like having an entire work force and you just pay them in game credits.

Except in Ludias case theyd rather lose their workforce rather then paying out some in game credits.


Up here!!

We still want feedback. This thread has been forgotten…

Many of us played for so many hours and even spent little real money in a tapjoy offer to speed up rewards… Then we are magicly NOT ELIGIBLE.

Again… I repeat… After many mails Ludia threatened me to stop complaining.

In real life any store has complaint forms available for users. In this digital world I can’t even figure how to do it. After so much time spent here and even real money spent at the very beginning we are not more than trash for Ludia.

Ludia mods, where can I find a complaint form that may have some effect?