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Tapjoy difference iOS and Android

image Why do android players get offers to play games for 40-50k hard cash and iOS not? 50k is 25 boosts… pretty unfair if you ask me.


You have to blame Apple for this one. As Tapjoy’s site explains, “In April 2019, Apple began to enforce a policy against incentivized installs on the iOS platform. As a result, Tapjoy and other offerwall providers were obliged to remove Cost Per Engagement offers from the iOS Offerwall. These offers invite users to complete fun challenges in a new game or app in return for currency in the publisher app. This popular and profitable ad format remains available on Android devices.”

I understand. But the game gets heavily disbalanced between android and iOS this way. I get that ludia needs to make a few bucks. But I really consider to drop VIP about this.

There was a time I would do simple tapjoy things and watch trailers or something. Then everything quit working and I haven’t tried in a very long time. I suppose it’s due to the post above.

Ludia has nothing to do with the tapjoy rewards you get to do.

Ask your Facebook friends or local Buy Nothing group if anyone has an outdated Android tablet gathering dust. Someone will. As long as it can run JWA well enough to start the offers, you can do all your side games on the tablet and just log in to JWA once a week or so to start new ones.

NB: log in through Facebook! If you log in through the google option it will create a new account and all your awards will go to it. You don’t want that.