Tapjoy down?

Anyone else having this issue?
It’s not loading when I click any offers.

It’s messing up for me as well. It figures it would do this during a time where you could get 1.5× the amount.

Exactly my reason for caring. Seems fishy.

Its been down since i started trying to colkect free gems.ive tried alot of offers with no success. It seems like an ad riddled scam to me.
Has anyone actually collected free gems from it.

I have done a bunch. Off the top of my head,

board Kings, afk:arena, taps to riches, coin master .

The offers work. I’ve done a bunch. Only way the game is playable without paying cash.

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It seems to still be down. When I click an offer, I either get jettisoned to a 504 page or, in some cases, the sponsors have stated that they’ve already met their quota.

With that said, I haven’t been paid for anything significant - just the watch a video and here’s a couple of gem type things. I’ve put in requests to tap joy, but we’ll see.

I’ve done a couple pay ones. Was planning on doing Hulu for 2k gems. I can’t play without gems basically

Look it magically works as soon as the bonus rewards are over. Scam!!!

I haven’t been able to access Tapjoy offers for the past 3 days. Keeps saying that there are no offers available.