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Tapjoy issue


Hi guys,

Just want to check if im the only one getting real frustrated by tapjoy.

Are you all having a hard time getting rewarded?
Some of the offers are automaticly rewarded, some of them not.
When you contact tapjoy about it, you or dont get any feedback or they say its rewarded but its not, or say they did not track your click on the offer, or say you are not honnest that you have signed up for another offer…

Any off u experiencing the same?

Let me give you some examples:

  • The scratchmania offer for 2646 hard cash.
    You have to sign up and register on their offer when you press earn 2646 hard cash, the offer sends you to gratorama…
    So i signed up and did everything the offer asked off me.
    When i first contacted support for the reward, they Asked me proof, an email of the welcome message, a proof of the email i registered with, and the proof of 10€ deposit to the website.
    When i submit all of that, i get a second mail stating its for scratchmania and no gratorama.
    So i contact them again and state that their offer redirects me to gratorama and not scratchmania.
    Then they answer back its wrong and im not right, and they did not track any click off me pressing the reward…
    Now i have send them a movie of me pressing the offer while it redirects me to gratorama…
    Totall silence on their side now.

Wen i contact ludia aka jurassic world alive,
They tell me i have to keep in contact with tapjoy, and that they are not responsible for that part.
Well is everything you allow in the game not your responsibility???
Imo its your task now to come in between and make sure the game braking tapjoy stops or they start acting correct.
At least show them its gratorama an not scratchmania…
Let me show you guys a movie from my ingame pressing the offer:

Then lets talk about another offer: pop slots reach level 18 for 560 hard cash, this one is pending for 10 days now… did are not reponding for over 10 days, while i have completed the offer within 3 days.
You have to complete the offer within 7 days, well let me guess, now they will come back to me its not within the 7 days… its strange that for other rewards they are responding, but not for that offer…

Same for lors mobile reach castle lvl 11 for 952 hard cash and buy first ebook on rakuten for 952 hard cash…

It feels to me when its about small rewards you will be able to get them, but as soon its a bigger reward, they will be a pain in the ass to make sure you wont get it.

There are also multiple fake offers:
Of tests and quiz questions where you cannot proceed, because there is not even a start button.

Ludia im very curiouse for your answer to this…
And please leave the crap out with you are not responsible…
You made partnership with tapjoy and allowed them in your game.
Your game is amazing, the option to earn hard cash with your partner also, but the way you have to earn them is … i have no suitable words for it.

I hope we will be able to resolve this together, and deff if we see other users are experiencing the same…
Its a shame you made such a good game and tapjoy is braking it down with fake offers and not rewarding bigger offers.

Regards, Thomas Van Damme.

Lost special offer booted from screen levelling up to 18

So please ludia, if you read this, i really need your help, because tapjoy is not coming in between…
Im waiting for about 4000 hard cash that is not being rewarded…
Want to buy clouns for them so i can evolve my big levels.


How do I get in touch with support about similar issue. Purchased an item, was charged for it but did not receive it.


I did the free cash and never received it


Similar issue. I have completed a challenge to sign up an use Betfair. I have not been rewarded and the challenge shows as ongoing not completed. I have done every step of it perfectly. I have no button on that one to appeal it so did it on another one and Tapjoy immediately reject it saying the other offer has been paid, which I did explain in the comments. Absolute scum


Currently having an issue myself. Completed an offer to sign up for hulu and watch a show, no cash. Contacted support and sent screenshots proving I finished the offer, then heard nothing back until I sent another email. Their response, which came within a few hours said I did not send the screenshots and since I elevated the ticket I only had 3 days to respond with proof. Sent them the screenshots again… and a 3rd time for good measure, and nothing but crickets for 24 hours.


Tapjoy is the worst. I also did the Hulu one and didn’t get rewarded. I sent them screenshots of my welcome to Hulu email and proof that I watch Castle Rock and haven’t heard from them.

I recommend just doing the install and run an app offers as those get rewarded instantly.


Hahaha my response in agreement to your post is currently banned until reviewed.


I totally agreed with your thought, i bet there’s a lot of player have the same issue. I do the same things and get nothing afterwards, IMO there’s no mistake in Ludia, they just get failed even wrong partnership with Tapjoy. Tapjoy is making money such like fungus in another plant. Is NOT mutual, it just like fraud, Tapjoy are liars! They’ll be punished.

Please take a note it will be a serious case if someone reporting it and blast in media. I’m serious about it. I’ll get the prove to make Tapjoy take responsibility about it.


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I swear if I could only manage the mod team I’d pull them into line… it frustrates me to the core how poor they are :expressionless:


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