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TapJoy nonsense

Please stop spamming me (I’m VIP so shouldn’t be bothered with ANY type of advertisement) with TapJoy nonsense. None of the surveys ever reach the end (and you need to complete in order to get a reward) none of the offers make ANY sense. And now even the Ludia survey doesn’t even work. Just leave it all together…

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Hey Poezzzie, could you try the link here:


emphasized text

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That is strange, could you try opening the link on a different browser?

Work on iOS so Safari is all I’ve got :wink:

Tapjoy has really gone down hill in the last few months. It’s become more annoying than anything.

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Our team will look into it, thanks @Poezzzie

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Thanks @Ned

If you have the space, you can download google chrome form the app store. I did it on my ipad. I wonder if that would work for you.

FWIW. Browser link does not work for me either and most of my browsers have no adblock.

Tried Opera, Chrome & Edge but get the same error as OP.

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While I’ve used it for the cash, I’ve never understood the idea behind the use of Tapjoy.

“We want you to spend hours, days, and weeks in our game! So to get the currency to enjoy our game more, play these other unaffiliated games for hours, days, and weeks instead!”


I gave up on Tapjoy a long long time ago. You never know if you’ll get the reward and I did one of those never ending surveys once and that was it. Then iOS got rid of the game ones anyways so the only things available are actually spending money or doing the never ending survey and I’m definitely not spending real money on a service that may or may not give what is promised.


I only ever used TapJoy a couple of times, using games I was either already familiar with on another device or ones that I was considering downloading anyway.

Most games took way too long for such a little reward. I know they’re trying to get you to actually keep those games, but I just can’t be bothered to download new games anymore. None of them stand out to me.


There was one game that I tried for something like 4K bucks. Turned out I liked it a lot.

Net result?

Played that one instead. 6 months of switching just my downtime/transit time to a different game. Hell, might still be playing that game if I didn’t break my phone; this one barely runs JWA but cannot run the other.

No offense Ned, but internal server error will not be fixed because of a browser :slight_smile: It says so clearly on the screen also. It’s not because of a firewall. Something’s obviously broken on the side of the survey. I guess it’s just being opened by too many people and the server can’t handle the requests. Probably a temporary thing.