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Tapjoy not rewarding runes

Keep emailing them with evidence that you completed the offer.
Try linking your account so it is not anonymous as that seems to be the issur

How much does ludia make from tapjoy? Is it worth even having your game linked to them?

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I completed an offer recently and didn’t receive anything either. Was about 80 runes or something. And while I was in the midst of working on another, with around 316, it suddenly disappeared from the offers, so I had to stop. I was in the middle of another one as well, of more than 500, but… without receiving dues, and the game itself being tiring, I haven’t decided whether to discontinue or not. Haven’t checked the offers list either.

That’s something I would like to know as well. And why offers don’t have an expiring date so you can check whether you can do it on time instead of going to the trouble of playing to complete a quest with the offer suddenly disappearing. Not to mention the offers are most of the time crap.

lol… you only have to do the quest following the link. :slight_smile: i got 7,847 Runes… just 3 days ago. i did Postmates.

I did that. Instructions said I should open immediately to prevent rewarding issues. The runes were not added to my game account, though, and I collected no proof of it when I could have, so it’s a complete lost cause.

go to your Rewarded… or opened. i don’t know how to help you there… again, i am using BlueStacks. idk if that helps me in that.

I know you’re using BlueStacks, I’ve been in the other thread to. I don’t think it has anything to do with the subject at hand, and I really can’t do anything about my runes. They were supposed to be added automatically, and since I didn’t take any proof when I could and we know Tapjoy’s policy, well, I am not getting in their messes. Not for ~80 runes.

And neither for the game I had been playing but its offer expired midway, unexpectedly I might add. I’m just going to uninstall that game and that’s it.

Ok… that’s great. i hope you get it all figured out.

Oh, it is figured out. I didn’t get the runes, there’s no way to prove either my lack of a reward or what offer was it and when I completed it, and the other one was withdrawn midway. Shrugs.

ok nice! um… Figured out= i hope you get your deserved Runes.

Oh, I see. Well, 2 days have already passed, so that might be a fat chance… Thanks though.

oh ok, Sorry.

Update: the other game got withdrawn from the offers’ list. And I was halfway there too. And since it’s no longer useful, and not that great a game, I had to uninstall to clean space.

I’m rather mad, though, 'cause they don’t even let a week before deleting some games, and we never know when something expires to manage our time!

They encourage us to put the effort and then… suddenly the offer is expired. And after that, well, there’s no point in wasting any more time and effort.

For what exactly? :thinking:

Oh Whatever… Never mind… you can’t “express” Expressions.

I just did! :grin:

Nice.:neutral_face: you know. not really…

Oh, come on, I’m kidding. There’s no big deal about that.

Yeah… i know. heh heh… :smirk: Alright Thanks anyways