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Tapjoy not working properly?

Both my son and I got 1.5 x notifications for Tapjoy. When you go into it, however, there is no 1.5x offer. Are others getting the 1.5 deal?

Hmm, the offer is even listed in the Ludia message posts, yet apparently doesn’t exist?

Are other people seeing 1.5 x Tapjoy payouts?

I have tried other offers and have NEVER received a reward either for one reason or another. Sounds like a mockery to me

As for me i dont waste my time with * Tapjoy * i have tried numerous times to use it but every time i get * nerfed * = ripped off because the companies on tapjoy dont pay out what they are supposed to when they are supposed to. instead all i am getting is one useless pop up message about more crap that i am definitely not interested in offering non existent gifts of game coins, game cash etc TBH i am sick of it and stopped using tapjoy well over a month ago because of this very problem them offering then reneging on what they offer so to dino Armageddon with them as far as i am concerned !

Interesting, has not been my experience at all. I have received every reward. The couple that did not come through right away I got very quickly after sending a support email. Guess I have just been very lucky. Thanks.