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Tapjoy offer rewarded but no hard cash

I know that if you complete an offer and it doesn’t show as rewarded then it is a Tapjoy problem and you should contact them - however I have completed an offer and it is appearing in the rewarded section but the hard cash has not appeared - I know this for sure as the reward is 1606 and I only have 19 HC. Is this a Ludia problem? I have restarted the app several times.

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Hey PQC, it could take some time for the rewards to appear. However, please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key and our team can take a closer look.

Its been a couple of hour now so I will contact them; annoying as I really pushed to get it done for today’s boost sale :frowning:

In the past when I had this issue it took an email to tapjoy to get it resolved. I waited like 4 days abd it wasnt till i talked to them did I get any results

They owe me more than 20k. Good luck.


I’ve been bamboozled out of thousands as well. Hope it shows up!

If you’re an unlucky iPhone user who can only do the quizzes for HC…make sure to always take a screen grab of when you finish the quiz and submit as proof. They’ll never pay out unless you present proof that you completed the terms of the offer (and sometimes that’s even like pulling teeth to get them to pay up)

I have had lots where it doesn’t turn up at all - some Tapjoy have fixed, others not so (or I couldn’t be bothered to chase it) but this is the first one that has shown as rewarded in game but the actual HC hasn’t turned up.

Big thank you to Ludia support - they confirmed the discrepency and are sending me the HC :+1:

I’m happy to hear that you were able to receive your Cash, PQC. :smiley:

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